Products Liability

Products liability is a legal term that refers to the liability of any parties throughout the manufacturing chain of a given product for damage caused by the product. This liability extends downward beginning with the manufacturer of component parts at the top of the chain, as assembly manufacturer, the wholesaler, and any retail store owner.

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Products proving to cause harm through inherent defects are liable and are vulnerable to consumer lawsuits. The legal definition of product liability has evolved to encompass other properties including intangibles, naturals, real estate and writings – some examples include gas, pets, housing and navigational charts.

What Constitutes a Liability Claim?

Liability claims are most commonly filed in cases where negligence is present. The jurisdiction is first required to prove that the product is indeed defective. Manufacturers are held accountable for three major defects: design, manufacturing, and marketing.

Design defects are classified as inherent defects; these are defects that occur before the product is even available to consumers.

Manufacturing defects occur during construction; a product may not be built to the specifications of design and subsequently fail.

Marketing defects occur throughout the consumer & product relationship; a product’s instructions may not provide necessary safety information and be considered defective.

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