Do’s and Don’t of Driving in Arizona

The metro Phoenix area has been one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas for a while now, which means that there’s now four and a half million of us trying to get around the valley throughout the day. This can and does lead to traffic problems, especially in some specific areas. It seems like we’re […]

Best Legal Apps

These days, you can find and download apps for just about any purpose, even if that purpose is to completely waste a few minutes. There are also several apps available to help with legal matters, even if you’re not a legal professional. Here’s some of the best new releases, many of which are free.   […]

Considering a Personal Injury suit? Learn about Arizona’s statutes and timelines

In legal terms, a personal injury occurs when someone has been physically or emotionally injured or killed by a negligent or wrongful act of another. A personal injury claim is made by the harmed individual or family members seeking compensation for the harm done. There are many different types of personal injury claims, such as […]

Should you Take Legal Action? Call Today for a Free Consultation

Have you suffered a physical injury or financial loss as a result of someone else’s actions? If the answer is yes, give us a call now! There are many instances when taking someone to court can be an appropriate action, such as when you’ve sustained a personal injury, have dealt with a breach of contract, […]