Tips for Investing Your Settlement

So you’ve survived the long, arduous process of fighting for a settlement claim and you’ve received your payment. You have several options now as to what to do with your settlement and you may not be sure what to do first. What do you want to accomplish? If you received the settlement as compensation for […]

I Just Got Into an Accident With No Insurance!

Although you are required to show financial responsibility when registering a vehicle with the Arizona MVD, there are many circumstances where you may have a lapse in coverage. If you got involved in an accident during one of the gaps in coverage or don’t have insurance for some other reason, you can find yourself in […]

Mesa’s Most Dangerous Crosswalks

Over a recent five-year period, an average of 144 pedestrians per year were killed in Arizona. The state’s pedestrian danger index is nearly double the national average. Most of the time, injuries occur as a result of drivers failing to pay attention to their surroundings. While drivers are paying attention to the potential dangers presented […]

Favorite Mesa Breakfast Restaurants

Favorite Mesa Breakfast Restaurants Looking for a great new breakfast spot to take the family this weekend? With our personal injury law firm in Mesa we eat out for breakfast a lot and we’ve got you covered. Here are some great breakfast places right here in Mesa that’s got something for everyone: Crackers & Co […]