Arizona roads can be dangerous, not only for cars, but for pedestrians out and about as well. Every year, the Arizona Department of Transportation reports over 1,400 accidents involving pedestrians every year, many of whom are seriously injured or killed. Especially in more urban areas, it’s important to take extra precautions to avoid being hit by a car. Here are some safety tips to keep you safe when you’re out for a walk.

Be Conspicuous

road with arrowsMake sure that drivers can see you, and even try to make eye contact with them if possible before you cross the street in front of stopped vehicles. This is especially important at night, since 32 percent of all accidents resulting in pedestrian fatalities occur between the hours of 8 p.m midnight. Wear light-colored or reflective clothing at night and stay in well-lit areas, especially when you’re crossing the street.

Be Present

If you’re walking in a busy area, it’s best to check your Facebook after you’ve reached your destination. Your most important tools for staying safe are your eyes and ears. Stay alert, and don’t assume that every driver is alert enough for the both of you.

Follow the Rules

If you’ve spent time driving in the central corridor of the Phoenix metro area, you’ve seen some bold (or crazy) pedestrians try to cross six lanes of traffic, sometimes with an air of entitlement, even. Unfortunately, a sense of entitlement won’t save your life if a driver doesn’t see you. Be aware of the rules and be able to anticipate what the drivers will do around you. Even if you do have the right of way, make sure that drivers see you before you step out in front of them.

Know your Drinking Limits

Almost 50% of all fatal pedestrian accidents involve alcohol, and a large percentage of those involve a pedestrian who has had too much to drink. Liquid courage may help you talk to the attractive person across the room, but it could turn into liquid recklessness out in the streets. When you drink, your reflexes are slower and your decision-making skills are not typically up to par, either. In this case, it’s usually best to call an Uber.

The Phoenix metro area is growing faster than ever before, bringing more sights to explore to Valley residents. When you’re out walking around, be sure to follow these tips to stay out of the way of oncoming traffic.

It holds true across the nation that when it comes to elections, research shows that the voters who go blue tend to live in more densely populated areas while the vast majority of the countryside votes red. While several attempts at an explanation as to why this is the case have been made, it’s a phenomenon that refuses to be pinned down to one particular factor.

In a recent study conducted by researchers at MIT and UCLA, the trend is pretty much across the board, unless you include Mesa, Arizona in the picture. With a population over 450.000, Mesa is the 38th-largest city in the United States, and after analyzing several years’ worth of public opinion surveys, the researchers concluded that the East Valley city has the most conservative values among cities with more than 250,000 residents.

The religious beginnings of the city most likely play a major role. Mesa began as a Mormon settlement in the late 19th century, and although Mormons only constitute 13 percent of the population today, the precedent has since attracted several like-minded people to the area.

mesa conservative guy The LDS Temple that remains at the heart of Mesa to this day serves as a continual reminder of the city’s religious roots. One might also argue that Arizona cities, in general, present an exception to the trend of left-leaning urbanites. In the last presidential election, Republican candidate Mitt Romney received 55% of the vote of all of Maricopa county.

Mesa is also a sprawling city, covering nearly 140 square miles, with twice the area of Washington, D.C. Residential homes have fewer stories and are separated by lawns, landscaping, roads and parking lots. While the exact reason may be difficult to pinpoint, and there are most likely several factors involved, an argument could be made that the effects of living in such an environment promote conservative values.

While the demographics and the political landscape continues to change in Arizona, especially in the Valley of the Sun, Mesa’s heritage will most likely continue to inform the values of its citizens.

Mesa has been a great city for our injury law firm, the location offers great flexibility in being able to serve clients in all of the east valley, Gilbert, Chandler and Queen Creek along with easy access to help clients with injury cases in Phoenix. We’re happy to be here and are looking forward to continue in watching the great city of Mesa flourish.

Navigating your way through a business deal can be tricky, especially if it’s an informal agreement with not many guidelines to help the arrangement go smoothly. These are times when you want to proceed with caution, and the thought may have occurred to you to whip up a contract on the spot, using everyday notebook paper. Sure, it’s a hasty move, but is it enforceable? Here’s a deeper look at contract law and how it may apply in cases like these.

signed piece of paper contractIn some cases, not even a piece of paper is needed to have a valid contract. All that’s really required is that all parties are in agreement after an offer has been made by one party and accepted by another, and that each party gives and receives something of value, called consideration, upon the completion of the contract. An oral contract can be enough as long as everything goes smoothly, but if you find yourself dealing with contract breaches, the agreement can be difficult, if not impossible, to prove if you don’t have something in writing. In this case, your signed piece of notebook paper is better than nothing.

For more significant documents, such as wills, documents involved in real estate transactions,and transactions over a certain value, a little bit more is required to convince a court of its validity. This is the level where a formal contract filled with legalese signed in front of witnesses and/or notarized is the only way make sure the law takes you seriously.

If you have a pressing matter that requires an answer as to whether a not a contract you’ve signed is valid, you should contact an attorney or our Mesa attorneys Schenk Podolsky. Contract law is often complicated and there are several other factors involved in determining if a contract is enforceable. An attorney in Arizona who is experienced in the state laws regarding contracts can help you navigate any rough waters you may have hit.