Best Tips for Staying Safe as a Pedestrian

Arizona roads can be dangerous, not only for cars, but for pedestrians out and about as well. Every year, the Arizona Department of Transportation reports over 1,400 accidents involving pedestrians every year, many of whom are seriously injured or killed. Especially in more urban areas, it’s important to take extra precautions to avoid being hit […]

Mesa, the Most Conservative City in America?

It holds true across the nation that when it comes to elections, research shows that the voters who go blue tend to live in more densely populated areas while the vast majority of the countryside votes red. While several attempts at an explanation as to why this is the case have been made, it’s a […]

Are Signed Pieces of Paper as Binding as an Official, Legal Contract?

Navigating your way through a business deal can be tricky, especially if it’s an informal agreement with not many guidelines to help the arrangement go smoothly. These are times when you want to proceed with caution, and the thought may have occurred to you to whip up a contract on the spot, using everyday notebook […]