One of the great parts about living in the Valley is the plethora of options for a variety of cuisine. Today, we’re bringing you the best restaurants in Mesa that cater to Eastern tastes. Here’s a few of our favorite spots for great Asian food.

Asian Café Express

While the name may be a bit prosaic, the fare is absolutely not. Open since 2005, Asian Café Express brings authentic Hong Kong-style food to the East Valley. Master Chef Michael Leung was born and trained in Hong Kong and has an extensive menu of Chinese, Southeast Asian and Western influenced dishes (over 300). Also a Tai Chi Master, Chef Michael has been known to bring unique and exciting dishes to patrons for over 40 years. Find this gem at 1911 West Main Street, just east of Dobson here in Mesa.

Golden Gate Chinese Restaurant

Another locally-owned favorite, Golden Gate has called Mesa home for over 25 years. While the strip mall decor may not win over your heart, the crab angels just might! Golden Gate offers Mandarin and Sichuan fare, such as pepper steak, chicken and pork entrees. Head in for either lunch or dinner, where they have daily specials for both. On top of being quality food, Golden Gate’s also easy on the wallet, which has turned several patrons into returning customers. Find them at 2640 East Baseline Road, just East of the 101 freeway.

Dragon Express

sweet and sour chickenAnother hidden gem that can be found on Baseline just East of Alma School Road, Dragon Express has been a Mesa favorite since 2006, when a husband and wife team moved to the Valley from Southeast Asia and China by way of New York. Since then, Tony and Sharon have realized their vision of creating a contemporary Asian restaurant that combines modern American concepts and traditional Asian flavors. The Kung Pao and the Pad Thai are still counted among the favorites. If you’re looking for a casual dining experience with great Chinese, head to Dragon Express at 1125 East Baseline.

Contracts are legally-binding documents. Meaning, if two people sign a contract, they must obey their side of the contract. Any terms and agreements have been decided upon and signed off on by both parties. Sometimes, these terms and agreements are not always followed despite a contract attempting to hold them to it. When one party breaks the terms of a contract, there has then been a breach of contract. When this occurs, there are several remedies that the violated might take depending on the conditions and content of the contract.

contract breachHere is a brief breakdown of some of the damages and remedies for a breach of contract.

  • Reimbursement: if you have experienced a breach of contract, you might have the right to compensatory damages, which reimburses costs and losses caused by the breach of contract. This can include attorney’s fees, property loss, or any other monetary loss experienced due to the breach of contract.
  • Liquidated Damages: These are damages agreed upon in the contract.
  • Punitive Damages: This is when the violated receives money for offensive actions or behavior from the person who breached the contract. This is payment for damages related to behaviors.
    Consequential and Incidental Damages: These types of damages are covered when the parties who signed the contract knew potential losses at the time of contract signing.

Every breach of contract case varies. Most likely, remedies or reimbursements in the case of a breach of contract are included in the contract and agreed upon before signing. If you have experienced damages due to someone breaking your contract, contact us today. An experienced attorney on your side greatly increases your chances of reimbursement for all losses.

It’s always a bummer to head out to your car in the morning to discover that someone has taken a key to the paint job, or slammed into your car in the middle of the night and took off afterwards. Not only is it senseless, it can be costly to restore. If you’ve suffered property damage to your vehicle in the form of vandalism, here’s the steps you can take to recover.

  1. car vandalism claimCall the Police Immediately. As soon as you notice the damage, notify the police right away. This can help with any possibility of catching the person who caused the damage, and before you can proceed with an insurance claim, you’ll need to file a police report, anyway.
  2. Document the Damage. Since every smartphone doubles as a camera these days, it’s easy to snap a few pics of the damage that you can submit with your insurance claim. Also, if you have recent pictures of your car before it was damaged, those will be useful, too. This answers the question of when the damage occurred.
  3. Call the Insurance Company. Once you’ve got the police report and pictures, call your insurer as soon as possible. When you do, you’ll need a description and the pictures, a list of any personal property that was stolen from the vehicle and lender information, if applicable.

After you’ve taken these steps, your insurance company may send a claims adjuster out to meet you right away to assess the damage, or they may ask for additional pictures of the damage before they fulfill the claim. At this time, you may need to take more steps to protect your car from further damage, such as covering broken windows.

If you have comprehensive coverage, your insurance company should cover the cost of repairs minus any deductible. In the event that the police discover who is responsible for the damage, you may even be able to recover your deductible. If you run into trouble when filing your claim, lawyers with experience in property damage cases can help you deal with the insurance company. Give us a call today to assess your situation regarding your car vandalism claim.