Who’s to Blame in a Slip and Fall Accident?

When people think about lawsuits involving an injury, a “slip and fall” accident is what usually comes to mind first. “Slip and Fall” is the term that describes a case in which a person slips and becomes injured on another person’s property, due to a wet floor or some other hazard underfoot. While it’s not […]

Driving Simulators that Show How Dangerous Texting and Driving is

One of the ways in which communication has changed forever is the advent of text messaging. While it has made rattling off a quick message to your friends easier than ever, it has also created a new set of challenges, and placed more demands on our already divided attention. One of the biggest problems with […]

Catch Some Free Music as a Part of the Spring Out to Lunch Concert Series

While the history of Mesa has seen many different phases, it is quickly becoming a destination for the arts and entertainment events. Throughout the year, festivals of many different types bring East Valley residents out to take in the great art, music and cuisine in the heart of downtown Mesa. Continuing in the vein, the […]