Mesa’s Festival of Creativity

Fostering a child’s creativity is just as important as continuing their education and keeping up-to-date with their health. spark! Mesa’s Festival of Creativity, provides a completely immersive environment that champions the work of local creatives and inspires creativity within every visitor. The event takes place at the Mesa Arts Center Friday, March 18th and Saturday, […]

The Best Law School Advice

Choosing to dedicate your career to the legal profession is a big decision. Getting there is no small task, either. Law school can cost a pretty penny, and job prospects aferward can be scarce. If you have a clear objective for your career, and you’ve decided to follow through with this undertaking, here’s some advice […]

What to do When Bitten by a Dog

Dog’s are often thought of as man’s best friend but it is important to remember that even the warmest pet can be a dangerous animal if it feels threatened or provoked. If you have been bitten by a dog, here are the first steps to insure your safety and future well being. Call the Police […]