Entering into a lease can be trying experience, especially if you have a landlord who continually welches on the agreement. We always suggest that before taking any legal action against your landlord that you try to talk to them and come to an agreement about your concerns. However, if it must come to legal action here are some scenarios you may find yourself in and your legal rights against your landlord. In most cases your first course of action is to consult with an attorney.

Your Landlord is Evicting You

If you have been served with a termination notice and you intend to fight it, then it is all but imperative that you hire a lawyer to win your case. It is best to hire a lawyer that you don’t know personally who specializes in landlord-tenant relationship or real estate law. A lawyer will know more about the law and argue from an objective position.

Your Landlord isn’t Making Proper Repairs

courtroom if you want to sue landlordPerhaps the biggest complaint that tenants have for their landlords is that they fail to make necessary and complete repairs outlined in a lease agreement. For example, if your air conditioning has gone out in the dead heat of an Arizona Summer and your landlord hasn’t done anything about it in a week.

Depending on the state you live in you may be able to withhold rent or make the repairs yourself and deduct the cost of repairs from your rent at the end of the month. Consulting with a lawyer beforehand will give you the best opinion for your particular case.

Injury or Illness

If you have been injured or become sick as a result of your landlord’s carelessness then you the right to take action against your landlord. One example of an actionable illness would be if your home contained toxic levels of black mold and your landlord ignored requests to have it removed.

If you believe you fall under this category you will need to contact a personal injury attorney with experience in premises liability.

Damage to Personal Property

If your personal property has been destroyed as a result of your landlord’s negligence, such as flood or a fire caused by faulty wiring, your first course of action is to file a claim with your renters insurance. Your insurance company will then seek reimbursement from the landlord.

If you don’t have renter’s insurance and the property damage is considerable then you may want to hire a lawyer to help you with your reimbursement.

When your car gets damaged in an accident it can negatively affect its value. Even if it has been repaired, your accident history can affect how much your car is worth when you decide to sell or refinance it in the future. Diminished value is how much value your car loses after it has been damaged in an accident.

Calculating Diminished Value

A few different factors go into calculating your car’s diminished value.

  • auto accident diminished value evaluationOf course before you find out the diminished value of your car, you have to find out how much your car is worth depending on the year, make, model and mileage.
  • Once you know the value of your car, say it’s worth $15,000, you can calculate the base loss of value. Insurance companies usually divide the value of your car by 10. If you use this calculation, then the most you can lose due to diminished value is $1,500.
  • After your base value is calculated, a value will be set based specifically on your vehicle. Your car will be given a number between 0.0 and 1.0 based on how much damage was done to your car from an accident. That number will be multiplied by the base value. If your car had moderate damage, 0.5, the diminished value would be adjusted to $750.
  • Your car’s diminished value will then be determined based on its mileage. If your car has over 100,000 miles on it, the diminished value from the above answer would be multiplied by 0, remaining at $750. If your car had only 20,000 – 39,000 miles on it, you would multiply the above value by 0.8, adjusting your diminished value to $600.

The number you have after the above steps is your car’s final diminished value. It may be calculated by your insurance company, the buyer or car dealership. Although they may use different numbers to come up with their totals, these are the factors that go into calculating your car’s diminished value.

It’s that time of year again when the horses are running around a track and the women are wearing even more elaborate hats. The Kentucky Derby is being held on Saturday May 2nd and venues across the valley are hosting parties. Here are a couple highlights.

DeSoto Market

The new downtown eatery is hosting it’s first ever Kentucky Derby party, with $6 mint juleps and Kentucky Hot Brown Burgers in addition to the spectacular fare that can typically be found at Desoto Market. Guests are encouraged to dress in their best Derby attire as they may win a prize.

Kentucky Derby Party at the Phoenician

kentucky derby events in arizonaThe Phoenician hosts an annual Kentucky Derby Party that is not to be missed featuring classic southern dishes, a Winner’s Circle Raffle, and contests for best hat and best Southern fashion. A portion of proceeds for this event benefits, After the Homestretch a charity helps retired racehorses find homes. Guests can take photos with the horses after watching the Derby in action.

Bubbles and Brown

For those of you not looking for the pomp and circumstance of the Phoenician, the pub Kelly’s at Southbridge is hosting a relaxed party with $10 glasses of champagne and $8 mint juleps made with Maker’s Mark bourbon. Awards will be given out to the guest with best hat and the best dressed couple.

Kentucky Derby Party at Turf Paradise

If you are looking for a high-­octane event then don’t miss the Kentucky Derby Party at Turf Paradise. The largest derby party in the state, Turf Paradise hosts 8,000 people for the annual event. In addition to airing the derby on the big screen, guests will be able to place their wages at the venue. The track will also be hosting its own races, as well as a fashion contest, live music, and activities for children. The first 4,000 guests will receive a commemorative derby glass.

Kentucky Derby Celebration at Southern Rail

The southern themed gastropub will feature it’s famous brunch menu from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. with specials like tea sandwiches, pickled shrimp and onion, bacon tarts. Drink specials include mint juleps and creole­ lemonade cocktails at $5. Again, Southern Rails will be holding a costume contest for best hat and best southern outfit.