What Are My Rights as a Tenant if I Want to Sue

Entering into a lease can be trying experience, especially if you have a landlord who continually welches on the agreement. We always suggest that before taking any legal action against your landlord that you try to talk to them and come to an agreement about your concerns. However, if it must come to legal action […]

What Gets Factored into Diminished Value?

When your car gets damaged in an accident it can negatively affect its value. Even if it has been repaired, your accident history can affect how much your car is worth when you decide to sell or refinance it in the future. Diminished value is how much value your car loses after it has been […]

Kentucky Derby Celebrations and Events in Arizona

It’s that time of year again when the horses are running around a track and the women are wearing even more elaborate hats. The Kentucky Derby is being held on Saturday May 2nd and venues across the valley are hosting parties. Here are a couple highlights. DeSoto Market The new downtown eatery is hosting it’s […]