Are The Cameras Really Helping?

Backup Camera Technology in Accidents Prevention

Back-up-cameras-prevent-injuriesDrivers might follow all the driving rules like keeping all the mirrors adjusted, keeping their mind undistracted when driving and still bump into an accident. Most of these accidents are backover accidents. They often happen to children and the elderly. Children love being at the back of the car mostly when they are bidding goodbyes and because of their heights it gets hard for drivers to see them. Back-over accidents are caused by the blind zones in the vehicles which prevent drivers from seeing beyond the rear bumpers.

A lot of people are only worried about highway accidents without having in mind that a high percentage of accidents occur in the driveways and the parking areas. Although many cars have sensors that help drivers detect when they are about to hit an object, that is not enough to prevent a backover accident. Fortunately, there have been introductions of backup cameras that will help solve the problem. The backup cameras are said to work better by themselves than when used together with parking sensors.

Research showed that mirrors alone are not convenient enough in preventing accidents. Large vehicles have the worst rear visibility when small cars have the best. A research tested both the backup cameras and the parking sensors and discovered that cameras are more promising in addressing backover accidents.

How The Back-Up Camera Works

These cameras work differently depending on the implementation. The image quality also varies for different cameras. Some work by capturing video images of the area behind the car which are then displayed on a screen that is situated on the car’s dashboard while others work in conjunction with an alarm sensor that informs the driver when she/he is about to hit an object. Some apply the brake automatically before an object is hit. These are images of objects that cannot be seen by mirrors or glances only. Also, the cameras are helpful because the objects can be seen before it is too late and the driver can apply brakes. This is very beneficial mostly to old drivers or people with disabilities who might be unable to stretch and check behind while driving.

However, these cameras are not entirely convenient in preventing accidents as other aspects have to be considered too. Drivers must be aware of their surroundings before backing up. Some drivers will fail to check the blind spots just because they depend on the backup cameras to see everything happening behind the vehicle. The cameras may at times fail to capture all the images which will lead to an accident, and the drivers must be held responsible. Some of the incidences where the rear cameras might not be of help are;

  • When the camera is affected by the weather conditions- During a rainy or foggy weather, it is hard for the camera to capture any images and the driver needs to come up with another plan to prevent accidents.
  • When the object is in the shade- The driver may not be able to view an object that is in the shade since the camera cannot capture objects in dark places
  • When the sunlight is bright- The camera will capture blurred images which might not be helpful to the drivers.
  • When the driver fails to use the camera properly

Backup cameras can prevent accidents, but they should not be fully depended on. Some situations require the driver’s extra effort, and they should trust their instincts because the cameras may not show the whole picture.

A Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

Have you been in a major car accident? A small fender bender?medical bills after car accident

When you need medical treatment and time off from work, a lawyer can help while you recover from your car
accident. You may be entitled to money for your damaged vehicle, all medical bills, pain and suffering, and time off from work.

Here’s what to do:

Seeking Medical Treatment

If you were in an accident and now need medical treatment, the first thing to do is go to the emergency room if you are severely injured. If an ambulance is required, don’t worry about your medical expenses because your medical bills are usually paid after you hire an attorney and your court case settles. The first priority is to deal with any medical treatment you may need. If your injuries aren’t too severe and the police who arrive on the scene recommend you go to your local doctor, schedule an appointment. This is common if you have a sprain or neck strain and your doctor can then do an evaluation and recommend that you seek physical therapy or other related treatment.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer

When you get home, directly after your accident, you want to contact a personal injury lawyer right away. If you don’t have one, let the hospital or doctor’s office know that you are filing a claim against the person who hit you. Instead of billing you, the hospital or physician’s office will gather all your medical bills and records for your case. That means if you need physical therapy or other costly medical visits, you will not be billed until your case settles – and that’s good news! You want to heal and get better so you can get back on your feet.

It’s best to hire a lawyer right away because they will want to get your statement and the statement of any witnesses to the accident while it’s still fresh in everyone’s mind. The lawyer’s office may also want to take pictures of the accident scene, your damaged vehicle and your personal injuries if you have suffered a severe injury with bruising. This is all part of the evidence that’s used in your case/claim.

Speak to Your Employer

Next up, you want to talk to your job. If you are out of work for a few days or even if its a few weeks, let your job know that you have a medical condition as the result of a car accident that will require time off. Your human resources department may require that you submit a note from your doctor and they can usually fax the note over. This will allow you time off from work. It may be time off with pay, but if it goes into time off without pay, then workmen’s compensation may start to kick in. If not, you may find that your job is safe until you return but you may not have extra income coming in. Again, don’t panic about this. You can speak to your attorney and they will factor into your settlement money, the time off where you were not paid.

Call Your Insurance Company

If your vehicle was damaged, this can be tied into your accident claim, so speak to your car insurance company to get an estimate of the damage. You may need a rental car to get back on the road, or if the repairs aren’t too expensive, pay for them out-of-pocket and give your bill to your attorney so they can add this expense to your case so you can be reimbursed when your case settles.

Ultimately, the goal is to get back on your feet and let your lawyer help with filing your case so you can be reimbursed for your medical bills and expenses. When you need help after a car accident, hire a law firm that can help you with a personal injury settlement. Contact My Arizona Injury Lawyers today!

You won’t pay unless your case wins!

Protecting Your Child With The Right Car Seat

car-seat-safetyMost car seats are used incorrectly and considering children’s car seats; that is a lot of risk people are taking with their children’s life by not purchasing the right car seat. Children’s car seats are classified primarily according to age and then according to size (weight and height). The following is information about the right car seat for your child given their age and size.

Rear Facing Car Seat

The rear facing car seat is for the smallest of toddlers. Babies between birth and one year old should always be in a car seat that is rear-facing. When it comes to their size, any infant weighing in at 20 pounds or lower should also be in a rear-facing car seat. If your child exceeds twenty pounds but is still under one year old, they should still be seated in a car seat that is back-facing until they reach the required age. The seat’s curvature is ideal for cradling your baby while it also contains a full body harness that will ideally secure your child. In the case of emergency braking, the baby will be forced into the heavy padding of the seat instead of forwarding where more damage could potentially happen.

Forward Facing Car Seat

Anywhere between the ages of one and three, your baby is sure to outgrow the rear facing car seat. At this stage, a front-facing car seat with a very secure harness is in order. Ideally, the harness should be a five-point harness. The harness should secure the baby in case of any accident and restrict forward movement as much as possible.

Booster Seat

Between the age of four and seven, your child will most likely outgrow his or her forward facing seat. At this point, a booster will be most appropriate. The booster is used by children who are taller than their forward facing car seats and weigh at least 40 pounds. The booster allows your child to get the necessary height for proper placement of the seatbelt. Boosters come in a variety of forms. There is a high back booster which improves your child’s posture by giving them extra back and neck support. There is also a back booster which is also referred to as a backless booster which does not provide the back support that a high back booster provides. However, it does it can be used in vehicles that already have headrests.

When your child is eight years old, it is only a matter of time before they outgrow their booster seat. However, just because you can plainly see that your child is growing does not mean that you should take them off the booster seat. Keep the child in the infant seat until he or she completely outgrows it and can fit well into a seatbelt. You child should be no shorter than 4’9″ at the age between eight and twelve. The belt of the car seat should easily contact her collarbone and her pelvic bone without any assistance. Your child should still ride in the back seat the reason being it is still the safest place in the vehicle.

There are other measures one can take to ensure the safety of their child in a car seat. Reading and appropriately following the manual is an often overlooked step that could save drivers a lot of trouble. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, every 33 seconds, one child under the age of 13 is involved in a crash. If you or someone in your family has been in a car accident give Schenk Podolsky a call to see what all of your options are.

What if the insurance only covers damages after a car accident?

Every person with a motor vehicle is required to get insurance cover. In case you are in an accident, the first person you contact is the insurance company. You can then file a claim for damages. The insurance company will car accident injurycompensate you depending on the extent of the damages. However, you will find that in some cases, it is not the car that gets damaged but you might get hurt in the accident.

When you get to the insurance company, they will claim that they can only cover damages to the vehicle and deny any responsibility for your injuries. Most people do not know what to do when they find themselves in such a situation. If your insurance company refuses to pay for your personal injuries obtained from the accident, you should contact a car accident lawyer. Accidents can change your life, and you might end up facing challenges depending on how severe the accident was.

There are Different Reasons Why You Should Consult a Car Accident Lawyer When Injured

These include the following:

  • The attorney will ensure you are not harassed by the insurance company. Insurance companies will always try to find a way of dismissing your claim by making it seem like it is your fault. Insurance companies are legally responsible for paying for any damages incurred during the accident. They will try to avoid this by making you sign a liability release form so they can pay minimum damages.
  • Getting the help of a lawyer will give you a higher chance of getting compensated for everything including hospital bills and other forms of personal injury. Some accidents require larger compensation since the losses are also more.

You are supposed to be compensated for any medical bills you incur. If you miss work, you are to get compensated for the loss of income. Hiring a lawyer will ensure you do not have to incur more losses due to the accident. Compensation does not only apply to your insurance provider but the other party’s insurer. If the accident was caused due to their negligence, their insurance provider is required to pay you for the damages. These damages include hospital bills and any loss of income.

The injuries sustained from a car accident can be mild or severe. In severe cases, you will need to be hospitalized, and this requires money that you had not planned for. You might end up with serious injuries and can even become paralyzed leading to loss of income. Without proper guidance, you will end up paying for these things yourself that should not be the case. The insurance company has a legal responsibility to pay for any and all losses that were incurred during the accident. These includes damages to the vehicle and any injuries sustained by the person.

Make Things Easier by Consulting a Personal Injury Attorney

The entire accident can be a stressful moment and will drain your physical and mental energy. Without getting help, you will have to handle these things alone that should not happen. A good lawyer will understand your situation and prevent the insurance company from exploiting you. Even when you are getting paid for the damages to your car, you deserve to be paid for any personal injuries sustained from the accident.

Accidents can happen at any time. The results can disrupt your life for a while or change it permanently. Everyone is entitled to get paid for the damages incurred during the accident. The damages are not only to the vehicle but personal injuries as well. To ensure you get compensated, you should hire the services of a good attorney who will defend your rights and ensure you get what you rightfully deserve.