What Kind of Charges Are a Car Accident?

Car accidents are classified generally as a civil charge, but there are cases that set it aside to criminal. It is important to understand what you could face, or what someone else could face and your rights being on either side of the accident. If you hit someone, you are required to remain at the incident site, exchange information about personal and insurance, and follow up through the process with police. With no one getting this is most likely to occur as a civil charge. You will proceed to call your insurance, and possibly pay a fine if you are found at fault of the accident.

If you are involved in a accident but you flee the scene, it will be considered a “hit and run”. This is a case where you could be charged with a criminal charge. It does not matter if you hit a car or if you hit a person, you need to stay where you are and seek the help of police. The charges will vary in severity, and with a possible range of a ticket/fine, loss of driving privilege, higher insurance premium to felony charge and/or jail time. Leaving an accident that you are a part of, will create more issues for you then the original incident. It is always better to stay

Causes of a Criminal Charge

Another instance where serious charges have potential to be implemented is when driver is inebriated or under the influence of any drug substance. This would report a charge of DUI/DWI/DWAI and depending on the levels that show up in your system and the number of you offense (first, second, third) could result in a minor fine, to a more major fine. Penalties can include jail time, driving program, and other sentencing methods, like outside alternatives. If someone sustains severe injuries, including death, you face a very serious felony charge.

The last instance is for reckless driving; that wiki describes as, a mental state in which the driver displays a wanton disregard for the rules of the road; the driver misjudges common driving procedures, often causing accidents and other damages. Any wreckage or injuries that take place could be the responsibility of the individual found guilty. If the driver is at fault but another person’s death can be proven to be an accident where there is no reckless driving the criminal charges will be unlikely, but the driver may still face a civil lawsuit.

Car Accident Lawyers

With what can occur, you can always call your car accident attorneys at Schenk Podolsky Attorneys at Law and trust they will fight for you. There are options. The road can be a dangerous place, and accidents do happen at fault and without fault; the best thing you can do is drive with a clear head and if something happens, stay at the scene.


Why the increase in pedestrians deaths in Arizona? There are many things going on while we are driving or walking on the road and sidewalks. It is quite easy to be distracted, and normally if you are only looking away for a second, nothing too bad happens. Though there are times when it is just that

1 second that it’s all it takes for a really bad accident to occur. It is not just being behind the wheel and concerned about others in their vehicles, but it’s also the pedestrians walking around.

New research done by the Governors Highway Safety Association shows that Arizona is rated third highest state for a number of fatalities per population. Phoenix/Arizona has been high on the lists for about 20 years now and seeing a consistent increase. With everything being at your fingertips, it is reasonable to say that 11% of the increase is due to cell phones. “You’re always on that phone!” might actually cost you your life. It’s not that being on your phone is the cause of all bad things, but it does assist in distractions for both drivers and pedestrians. Last year in Arizona, there was almost 200 people, statewide, who did not survive their injuries in these accidents.

Awareness To Pedestrian Safety

In attempts to try and bring awareness to the increase we are seeing, new education is being explored. Arizona has received funding from the government to work towards programs and initiatives that will keep pedestrians safer. Over the course of the next few years, you will start to see new ads, and new resources to help keep drivers less distracted. When you are in transition from one place to another try to stay focused and present in the moment. Everyone makes mistakes sometimes but make sure you are in a clear-headed space make all the difference. Everyone needs to work together to keep the streets safe and maintain a hyper-awareness of your surroundings, both as the driver and as a pedestrian.

Life is delicate, and knowing the right people to contact in times of trouble is crucial and sometimes difficult to navigate. When the programs are not enough, and when you find yourself amidst the situation yourself, it is important to have the right lawyers. It is not always death that happens, but sometimes very serious injuries or someone you know might have gotten hurt, and you will want the right representation. When you are facing adversity, we will face it with you, fight for you, and make sure that your safety is our priority.

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