The Most Common Claims for Medical Malpractice

A list of  the most common Medical Malpractice Claims With all of today’s advanced technology, negligence and medical malpractice situations unfortunately still occur. Sometimes it’s due to a hospital being overfull, and the staff is overworked, and sometimes it’s because someone just wasn’t paying attention like they should have been. While it’s true that most […]

How To Prevent Driver Fatigue

How To Prevent Driver Fatigue Whether it’s a truck driver hauling your next load on a long delivery or a someone driving back from a business trip they didn’t sleep a wink during, they probably have one thing in common: driver fatigue. This comes about when a driver has had a lack of physical or […]

Can You Reopen a Personal Injury Case?

 Can You Reopen a Personal Injury Case?   You may have had a personal injury case in the past that did not turn out in your favor and you want it looked at again. However, you cannot reopen a personal injury case that has been settled. If you and the defendant came to an agreement […]

What To Do After A Truck Accident?

What To Do After A Truck Accident?     When involved in an accident that involves a large commercial truck or another large industrial vehicle, it can be a horrific experience for everyone involved, no doubt about it. The victim struck by the large commercial vehicle can be severely injured or killed due to the size […]