Penalty For Driving Without Insurance In Arizona

What Does Rhe Law In Arizona States? It is a civil traffic violation to drive without insurance in the state of Arizona. You are not allowed to drive your vehicle unless you have liability insurance that meets the minimum state requirements. The law states that it is required for a driver to have insurance, and […]

Who pays the medical costs for dog bite victims

You must be able to prove a case   After a dog bite incident, medical bills can rack up pretty quickly for the dog owner depending on the severity of the bites. But whether the dog bites were severe or not, the law allows for accident victims to recover damages against the parties that harmed them. Basically what […]

What do workers compensation benefits include

So you want to know what workers’ compensation benefits should include? Well first let’s look at what workers’ compensation benefits are. This compensation plan is a state-mandated (each state will vary in their compensation plan also) insurance program that provides benefits to employees who have suffered job-related injuries and illnesses. So in short, an employee […]

When can you pursue a claim for an Arizona Bicycle accident

It’s estimated that every year about 50,000 people are seriously injured in bicycle and motor vehicle crashes right here in the United States. That’s not counting the number of cyclists injured due to debris or obstructions in the roadway. Injuries sustained from these accidents are anywhere from serious to life-threatening. If you are a bicyclist […]