Minor Workplace accidents can leave a big impact on your business. Between the paper works, medical bills, productivity, all the workers’ compensation paperwork, and the low morale the costs are high. Preventive measures are the best way to avoid an injury. Re-invent your workspace with some of the following tips and protect your workforce.

Incorporate a safety and wellness plan

Effective prevention program can be an environmental-work solution and a foundation for safe work. A plan needs to cover all levels of employee safety and health with the encouragement to report hazardous practices and sometimes behavior. The wellness plan for your employees will have a positive impact on a relationship among the people.

Conduct-pre-placement physicals

Some types of accidents are caused by inexperience and the inability to physically perform the position required. Screening applicant can help you determine your location matching physical capabilities that are needed.

Educate employees and management staff

Continually representation of a safety standard among employees and management can help them slowly process workplace safety on another level. Train employees about the importance of following safety measures as often as possible. Some extra workout can help body mechanics to reduce strain injuries, and keep employees safe during lifting and moving (if the job requires physical work)!

Research safety strategy for your type of business

Every niche is different. Every company is unique. There are no universal safety features for all the businesses out there.  Pay extra attention to common accidents and try to develop strategies to keep these setbacks from happening.

Provide protection equipment

Personal protection equipment is very important; it should be present at hiring and meetings. With little extra monitoring, you can make this work.  Take time and teach your employees how to properly manage goggles, face protection, hats, gloves, earplugs and safety shoes.

Have adequate staffing levels

More often, overtime hours are always out there, because of low staffing levels. Overworking is a double-edged sword and employees may suffer from exhaustion and cut corners to meet or exceed output. Hiring seasonal staff or part-time staff could help prevent accidents due to exhaustion.

Shortcuts are the wrong cuts

An accident can happen to anyone occasionally. The employee can skip steps to complete a job ahead of schedule. Make sure all instructions are clear and organized to prevent undue mishaps in the workplace.

Maintain all company  vehicles

60 billion dollars per year is the sum that employers collectively pay per year according to the Occupational Safety and Health Act. Maintenance should include monthly inspections and repairing vehicles as soon as possible.

Monitor Safety measures

After initial training, try to reinforce safety measures when the opportunity arrives. Staff meetings, educational seminars, supervision, etc. Reward employees who abide by setting standards as a good example.

Keep an orderly workplace

Poor housekeeping can cause serious health issues and safety hazard. Hygiene prevention is always required. The layout of the workplace should have adequate footpath markings, be free of debris, and stations for cleaning up spills.

Sexual harassment in the workplace is a direct violation of the Act of 1964, Title VII of the Civil Rights. It can be characterized by undesired sexual advances, unwarranted actions with sexual connotation or demands of sexual favors.

You may have cause for a Mesa  sexual harassment lawsuit if any of the following actions occur:

  •    An offensive or uncomfortable work environment was created.
  •    Your workflow was compromised
  •    Your employment was overtly affected by someone

There are a couple of workplace sexual harassment types, Quid Pro and Hostile environment. Quid pro involves a tangible financial loss. Quid Pro is characterized as when an employer or decision-maker promises benefits, such as a promotion, or threatens to terminate or demote an employee based on their refusal of sexual advances. Hostile Environment is an employee experience severe harassment due to the effects of employee misconduct in the workplace; this is considered hostile environment harassment.

Causes for Sexual Harassment Lawsuits

Sexual harassment can be any verbal, visual and physical unwanted sexual misconduct and can be a result of any of the following:

  •    Stalking
  •    Sexual bullying
  •    Inappropriate touching
  •    Sexual confiding

Any victim or harasser can be a man or women. Abuse can take part in the same gender as well. A harasser can be almost anyone, for the victims boss, to manager from the same department or of a separate department of the victim, an agent of the employer or, a co-worker on even an individual who is not employed by the same organization. Sexual harassment can be bullying, intimidation or coercion of a sexual nature or the unwelcome or inappropriate promise of rewards in return of sexual favors. It can take the form of not just act; it can be offensive remarks about someone’s sex. We already implied that it could be a man or women even the same gender.

Subsets of Sexual Harassment:

Gender Discrimination

Gender discrimination is pointed to a person because of their gender and is based on discriminatory comments.

Some examples of Gender Description are:

  •    Refusing to hire someone cause of their gender (like women not receiving a position because it is a man’s job)
  •    Asking employment candidates if they are married or planning on having children
  •    Claiming that a person is not fulfilling  “expected gender roles (Man need to be more masculine)

Sexual Orientation  Discrimination

-Sexual Orientation Discrimination is presented when someone is discriminated against because they have traits not typical or associated of their gender.


Retaliation can be common if an employee suffers an adverse action after he or she has made a report of sexual harassment.

There are examples of illegal negative actions against an employee :

  •    Suspension
  •    Unfavorable Job Re-Assignment
  •    Firing
  •    Denial of Promotion

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If you are having some of these problems at your workspace, please call us so we can proceed with legal case cause we want a safe work environment for everyone.

The state of Arizona requires auto insurance coverage as any other state when you’re directly operating a vehicle within the state. Arizona requires all of its drivers maintain minimum insurance requirements.

If you got your insurance, your company would usually notify the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division (MVD), but it is still your responsibility to make your insurance valid when you are asked. The state of Arizona is specific. Arizona follows a tort legal system for insurance. In a tort system, someone must always be found at fault after an accident. A person that has insurance is then required to pay for damages incurred by the accident they caused.

All personal vehicles in Arizona require the following liability coverage requirements:

  •    Bodily Injury
  •    Property Damage

Minimum Arizona Car Insurance Requirements are per bodily Injury Liability ($15,000 / $30,000 Limit) and Property Damage Liability ($10,000 Limit).

These type of insurances covers the paying expenses resulting from an accident where a person does not have enough coverage to pay for the damages that person caused.

Comprehensive coverage pays for any non-collision related incident (after the deductible). Your car being broken into (or) fire damage collision after you have deductible determined. In an insurance policy, the deductible is the amount paid out of pocket by the policyholder before an insurance provider will pay any expenses (Source Wikipedia). Comprehensive insurance can keep you protected. Following list is based on comparative statistic across the United States in (2013) of most-stolen vehicles

1. 1997 Honda Accord

2. 1997 Honda Civic

3. 2001 Chevrolet Pickup (Full Size)

4. 2004 Ford Pickup (Full Size)

5. 2005 Dodge Pickup (Full Size)

6. 1997 Nissan Altima

7. 1994 Nissan Sentra

8. 1991 Toyota Camry

9. 1996 Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee

10. 1995 Nissan Maxima


Proof on Insurance and Financial Responsibility

There are two types:

  • Self Insurance (companies with ten vehicles at least/qualified individuals)
  •  Liability car insurance policy

De Insurance is possible on an occasion where you temporarily uninsured their vehicle f your vehicle will not be or cannot be driven on public roads. Required Documentation as proof of insurance, you can provide Insurance ID card, Copy of Insurance Policy or Certificate of self-insurance. Also, it’s your responsibility on occasions when your insurance is asked as proof by a police officer or after an accident.

Police officers can ask you for proof any time you are operating a vehicle!

There are restrictions and financial penalties if you are unable to show the proof at the occasion when needed like:

  •    Fines ranging between a few hundred dollars to over a thousand dollars plus additional fees if it’s a first offense and increase for 2nd and 3rd offense
  •    Driver’s license and plate suspension of 3 months (1st offense), six months (2nd offense) and one year (3rd offense)
  •    The requirement to submit an SR-22 form and pay reinstatement fees for the next three years

Crucial information is also that you don’t speak to Insurance Adjuster until you hire an Arizona Lawyer!


Workers compensation requirements began early in the 20th  in the United States. Every business in the United States that involves employee has to consider a workers compensation policy. Most states require employers to purchase an insurance policy to handle their obligation towards workers who are injured or due to workplace exposure.

Before the policy and insurance, workers who’d been injured or made ill on the job had to take legal action against their employers. Results were horrible since system simultaneously made it difficult for workers to obtain compensation for such injuries and exposure of employers to potentially devastating financial penalties.

Modern Compensation Insurance

Workers compensation is an insurance program set up to provide workers who were injured on the job benefits to make up for lost wages while they’re out taking care of their injury.

Some of the areas which Compensation insurance covers:

  •    Injuries caused at work, like repetitive motion injuries
  •    Injuries or loss of limbs
  •    Medical treatment
  •    Illnesses, like emphysema
  •    Rehabilitation needed so employees can return to work
  •    Lost wages (up to two-thirds of the employee’s salary)
  •    Death
  •    Liability insurance for the company for lawsuits filed by injured employees

This might look like an annoying business expense. But offering workers compensation can protect you from litigation if an employee becomes injured or sick as a result of the job. Every state but Texas requires companies to carry workers compensation insurance- either through a private insurer or the state or, the business can elect to be self-insured. The cost for workers compensation insurance depends on the industry and the provider(high-risk jobs like construction and roofing have premiums). The company’s premiums can either increase or decrease depending on the number of claims filed.

Business owners can reduce claims and lower premiums by:

Offering safety gear, accessing the safety of the work environment, providing friendly office equipment, creating a safe work environment by training all employees on workplace safety, offering updates and tips on workplace safety, getting injured employees back to work faster, Developing wellness program to encourage healthy living and fitness, which should reduce the number of employees injured on the job.

Cons and Myths

Once the worker’s compensation has been paid, it’s over with the employer responsibilities. Staying in close contact with your employee,  during the recovery phase, as a business owner you can better gauge when the employee can go back to work. Only larger business are required to carry workers compensation insurance. Not True. In many states, a company needs to have one employee to meet the requirement for workers compensation.

Type of business can also be determining factor. In Missouri, the law states that the minimum of five employees is required for minimum coverage, but if that company is in the construction industry, the minimum is one employee. Compensation fraud is not that common. Studies have shown that only 1 to 2 percent of claims are fraudulent. Insurance companies often fuel media claims.

The national price tag is around $1.2 billion annually for Compensation Insurance.