3 Car Maintenance Tips to Prevent Arizona Car Accident

April 1, 2022

3 Car Maintenance Tips to Prevent Arizona Car Accident

maintenance tips to avoid Arizona car accident

Many people in Arizona highly depend on their cars for their daily commute to and from work, school, shopping or to visit their family or friends. Every time we get inside our car, that carries a certain risk for Arizona car accident even if you drive safely and do everything by the book.

Every year, a number of car accidents can be avoided and prevented if cars are regularly maintained. There are approximately 45 thousand car accidents every year which are caused by mechanical issues which then, can leave the driver liable in a claim for negligence.

Every car owner’s responsibility is to keep their car in working order not just for their own safety, but also for the safety of other passengers in the car and others in traffic. Failure to do so, might results in an Arizona car accident which can involve other drivers, motorists and can cause severe injuries or even totaled vehicles. But this could all be avoided with a few, very simple maintenance practices and keeping your car in good shape.

Burned out lights

With the improvement of weather, you will notice much more pedestrians and bicyclists on the streets. Children are also frequently outside, riding their bike, since they aren’t going to school. It’s important that as a car owner, you have your headlights are working properly so you could easily identify obstacles, bicyclists and pedestrians.

Aside from properly working headlights, you also need to make sure that your break lights are working as well. It’s not only important that you see the oncoming traffic. It’s also important that other drivers see you in traffic. With malfunctioning break lights, that’s really hard, which can then lead to rear-end collisions during night time or in poor weather conditions (heavy rain for example) or poorly lit roads.

Having your car regularly maintained is extremely important. If you’re having doubts about that, just remember that a police officer can give you a citation for burned-out lights. One easy way to avoid this, is to have the lights in working order and replacing them if necessary.

Tire pressure – Essential for breaking and maneuvering

The changing weather conditions can also have an impact on your tires and tire pressure. During the weather transition, it’s highly recommended to frequently check your tire pressure and making sure that it’s on an optimal level i.e., that it matches the specifications for your car.

With the rise of temperature, the tire pressure can increase. If that happens, your car won’t have the optimal grip on the road, which means that it might take a bit longer to come to a full stop or you won’t be able to maneuver it as well as you should.

Without these two critical functions, if you end up causing an Arizona car accident, you could be found liable because of your car’s mechanics. It’s certainly not worth the risk. So from time to time, check the tire pressure and make sure that it’s optimal. If necessary, inflate or deflate the tires.

Take care of your engine’s fluids and ensure proper operation

You probably noticed that from time to time, your “check engine” light is on. When this happens, it usually means that it’s time to visit your mechanic and that there’s a critical problem with the engine which can be quite costly to repair.

This can all be avoided by doing routine fluid checks and changing your engine oil or break fluids. Both the engine oil and break fluids have the function of ensuring that the car system works properly. Engine oil protects the engine from overheating (which can cause the engine to fail and stop working – leaving you stranded wherever you are) and the break fluids make sure that the breaks have the proper grip and that your car stops as it should.

Poorly maintained vehicles, or not maintained at all, are highly likely to cause Arizona car accident, mainly because they aren’t so reliable when it comes to driving and maneuvering. If you don’t take good care of your car and you get into a car accident, you could be found liable for negligence.