Dog Bites

Dogs are no doubt considered cherished companions for many Arizonans. These faithful friends provide their owners with tremendous amounts of love and leisure. However, with thousands of dogs in Arizona there is always the danger of these animals causing harm to another person.

Nearly 4.5 million people suffer from dog bites each year in the United States. Of these victims, 300,000 are treated at hospitals over the the severity of their wound. The majority of these victims include children under the age of 12.

Most states in America deem dog owners liable when a person is bitten. A smaller amount of these states require the victim to prove the dog was vicious, that the incident was a result of negligence on behalf of the owner or in violation of animal control laws.

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Arizona Dog Bite Law

Arizona’s dog bite laws impose strict liability toward the owner of the dog responsible for the attack. In accordance with the law, dog owners in Arizona are held accountable for any injury caused as a result of their dogs’ actions and liability will be imposed without exception to an owner’s knowledge of the dog’s aggressive actions.

The state will most often require the dog owner to compensate the dog bite victim for their cost of treatment. Traditionally, the dog owner’s home owners’ insurance policies will provide compensation. Many times these cases are not simple open and close, they require the experience of an attorney.

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