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Child Accident Lawyers

Our children are precious, innocent, and fragile. Injuries to children can be some of the most upsetting and unnerving events that happen to a family. Our experienced personal injury team is here to help regardless of where your child gets hurt.

Children injuries can occur under circumstances like:

  • In hospitals, due to the physician’s negligence
  • At swimming pools
  • At school
  • Car accidents
  • At friends’ homes
  • Animal bites
  • Because of toy defects
  • Because of prescription drugs

Who is at fault for your child's injury?

Determining if someone is liable for your children’s injuries can be complicated. You should have experienced legal help from our attorneys at Schenk Podolsky. We have the necessary knowledge, skills, and experience to investigate the incident, get statements from witnesses, and build a strong case.

When it comes to children’s injuries, the liable parties can be:

  • Pet owners
  • Toy manufacturers
  • Property owners
  • School officials
  • Motorists
  • Health care professionals
  • Other parents

Has your child been injured due to the negligence of another? It’s critical to seek out the services of a professional attorney immediately. Contact us today!

At Schenk Podolsky Attorneys at Law, we work on a contingency fee basis. This means we do not get paid unless we obtain a recovery for your claims.

How are child injury claims different?

If a child is injured because of an action or inaction of an adult, he/she is entitled to the same compensation as an adult:

  • Compensation for pain and suffering
  • Payment for current and future medical bills
  • Compensation for mental trauma
  • Payment for loss of future wages because of disability
  • Payment of funeral expenses in case of wrongful death


But unlike adults, children under the age of 18 cannot file a claim or personal injury lawsuit themselves. Instead, their parent or legal guardian must file it on their behalf.

Furthermore, the law also differs in the degree of responsibility that it assigns to children. A judge may also consider whether the child acted in an age-appropriate manner or if their negligence contributed to the accident and injury.

Other factors that apply exclusively to child injuries might include:

  • Different statute of limitation – this depends on the child’s age and type of injury
  • Priority scheduling for court dates
  • Judges approval for a child injury settlement
  • Damage award, which requires less payment for the parents’ out-of-pocket expenses


How can child injury attorneys at Schenk Podolsky help?

Every parent would want to ensure that his/her child gets the proper compensation for current and future expenses related to the injury. Cases that involve children require unique expertise, knowledge, and care. At Schenk Podolsky, we have extensive experience with child injury cases in Arizona. If your child was injured, don’t wait. Contact us for a free consultation today.

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