Premises Liability

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Premises Liability – Who’s Accountable?

Here is a hypothetical situation for you … a delivery driver pulls up to your property to drop off a package during the late evening. As they make their way up the driveway, they slip on an oil slick and suffer a serious injury that requires extensive treatment.

Are you legally responsible for what happened? Of course, there is a reasonable expectation upon entering someone’s property that you won’t experience injury – but to what extent?

What Makes a Claim Valid?

Premises liability maintains property owners are ultimately responsible for providing a reasonably safe environment. Thus, you may be held accountable for a slip and fall accident or another incident causing injury that occurs on your property.

Many factors are considered when evaluating a claim, including:

  • The circumstances under which the visitor entered the property
  • The manner in which the property was used
  • Ability to foresee the accident occurring
  • Owner’s effort to repair or address dangerous conditions/warn visitors

Common Conditions Leading to Unsafe Environment

There are many conditions and circumstances that attribute to a dangerous environment within a property. The most common culprits are inadequate surveillance & security, hazardous conditions like snow or ice, uneven floors & parking lots, and malfunctioning machinery.