Arizona Car Accident Claim

October 24, 2016

Arizona Car Accident Claim

What’s Involved In a Car Accident Claim.

To begin with, you are liable to file an injury claim if the accident occurred was due to the negligence of the other driver. In case you were at fault, you are not liable to do so and will rather look very stupid while trying to file a claim. However, if you are the innocent party in the accident, then you need to start proceedings as soon as the accident happens.

After you have ensured that people in both the cars are protected and have summoned an ambulance if needed, the next step is to get information from the other driver. Make certain you take down their name, registration number, contact information, as well as pictures of yours and their car if probable. This is not the time to argue whose error it was; you just entail getting the basic information so you can file the claim and continue with the proceedings. Also, it is optimum not to talk too much to the other driver.

Once you have the information, you need to talk to witnesses present at the time of the accident about what they saw, and more importantly, their contact information. Your lawyer will contact them when you forward your injury claim. You should also note down what the weather was like, and exactly what happened so that your testimony if needed, is clear and consistent with that of the witnesses. Once the police arrive, give them your statement and make sure you get the report number so you can inform your lawyer.

Once this part is over, go to the hospital and get your injuries, if any, taken care of. Also, get additional tests if you are experiencing any pains. Make sure your doctor tests you for internal injuries as well. After your treatment, make sure you not only get your receipts but also your doctor’s contact information so they can appear as a witness for your side if needed.

Now, call an attorney. Locate one who focuses on accident compensation claims and plans a meeting with him/her. In your meeting, give him/her with all the facts. Start with the get in touch with details for the other driver and give the pictures, police statement information, hospital receipts, as well as contact information of the witnesses.

Most lawyers job on a “no win no fee” basis which means they will not get compensated except you win the case. Also, your legal representative can have their payment paid for by the defendant, which is the other driver, in case you win, so make certain you chat about this in the meeting as well.

Car Accident Claim

Now the question arises as to how to claim insurance if your meets with an accident. Immediately after the accident, certain details can be conveyed by anybody if the owner is not in a position to do so. After that the company will put somebody in touch with the caller and offer guidance to settle all your claims. One noteworthy thing is that in a case of death, the compensation is settled in the court and it takes about five years to settle this claim, as lot many departments are involved in the settlement of a claim and then court procedures are after all court procedures.

Format for claim settlement

The following information may have to be furnished immediately while you intimate about your claim:

  • -Policy Number
  • – Name, Contact No. and address of Insured person
  • – Vehicle number
  • – Make and Model of car
  • – A brief description of the accident
  • – Particulars and contact details of the garage
  • -Date , Time and place of accident
  • – Approximate Extent of loss
  • -Address and contact details of the individual intimating about claim
  • – Whether it is Insurance for car
  • -Whether it is damage claim
  • – Whether it is claimed against theft
  • – Whether it is third-party claim

Once you have retained their services, the lawful representative will take care of all. He/she may confirm all the information you provided, and you will most prone also have to go to a different general practitioner to certify your injuries. You legal representative will contact the defendant, and talk to their lawyers. If they recommend a settlement up front, do talk about it with your lawyer before accepting or refusing it. Now you have what’s Involved In a Accident Claim give your mesa injury lawyers a call should need help after an accident.