Arizona Trucking Accident Stats

July 28, 2019

Arizona Trucking Accident Stats

Arizona is home to some very large cities which means that trucking is a large part of its growth and its continuation to thrive. However, Arizona is also home to some of the most dangerous roads in the United States. Since trucking is a large portion of traffic on most major roadways, it can be imagined that they can be involved in many of the accidents that occur. It’s important to point out that not all accidents involving trucking is on the part of the person operating the truck in question. Often times, accidents occur due to negligence on behalf of drivers around truckers.

In general, it’s important for everyone behind the wheel of a vehicle to exercise caution and proper handling. Whether it’s a large truck or driving near or around large trucks, these machines are powerful and should not be taken lightly. Here are a few statistics on trucking in the state of Arizona.

There are multiple types of trucks that are included in the term “trucking.” However, for the sake of numbers and long lists, semis with and without trailers will only be included in these statistics. Statistical numbers pulled from the official Arizona Department of Transportation Crash Reports from 2018.

In Arizona, in 2018, semis were involved in:

  • 2,247 accidents
  • 58 of these crashes were fatal
  • 536 of these crashes resulted in injury

It’s important to note that these statistics are for the state of Arizona alone and only for the year 2018. This goes to show how dangerous trucks can be, especially large, commercial trucks. In the United States alone, did you know that one out of eight fatal crashes involves a truck? Those are some high numbers to contend with. Outside of death and injury, the property damage and other monetary issues caused by trucking accidents are quite high as well.

Due to these high numbers, if you drive a truck, it’s important that you have proper legal representation. It’s common for people to try and blame a truck involved even if it was the smaller car involved that caused the accident. Further, even if you don’t drive a truck but you were involved in an accident with a truck, it’s also important for you to have proper representation to handle your case. Insurance companies will try everything to get out of having to pay out for an accident. It’s all too common for people to settle for much less than they deserve when major incidents happen. Don’t let death, injury, or major damage go without justice whether you were the truck driver or the person behind the other vehicle. As mentioned, trucks are powerful machines and because of this, they’re either pinned with accidents that weren’t their fault or they cause major accidents. No matter how you’re involved with trucking or trucking accidents, be sure you’re covered.