Avoiding Car Accidents

June 19, 2018

Avoiding Car Accidents

Use Reasonable Care 

Operating all type of vehicles, the driver must exercise “Reasonable care under the circumstances.” Failure to use reasonable care is considered negligence. The law of negligence usually governs legal claims from motor vehicle accidents. As with other types of accidents, usually, it’s the driver who was negligent and considered at fault in a traffic accident by the law.

Many factors are included in determining negligence, such as:

  •    Neglecting traffic signs or signals
  •    Disregarding weather or traffic conditions
  •    Ignoring the traffic signaling
  •    Violating the speed limit

Common Causes of Car Accidents

Driver error causes the vast majority of vehicle accidents on Arizona roadways.  Driver inattention is only one of many problems that plague people behind the wheel. Driver distraction has received increasing public awareness because of the rising number of crashes, particularly those affecting teens and younger people.

Drunk Driving

Another cause of too many car accidents is drunk driving. Ability to control your vehicle can be affected by substance abuse and alcohol consumption. When drunk driver realize that he is above the limit and that he should not get in the car that’s the type of rational behavior when car accidents are avoided altogether.

Driver Inattention

Includes any situation in which driver’s attention is pulled away from the task at hand. This can consist of changing the radio station, changing the GPS mode, easting, applying makeup, texting, reading or sending emails and talking on the phone. All of these can alter driver’s focus and cognitive focus and increase the chance of an accident.

Aggressive and Reckless Driving Increasingly

Aggressiveness during driver and reckless behavior are being noted in police reports and insurance claims for accidents. You can always notice people getting frustrated by traffic or the action of the other drivers, but actually, they are the ones that can compromise the safety for everyone. Ignoring road signals and traffic laws, speeding and cutting off other drivers and other types of reckless driving can increase the chance of a multi-car pileup. If you notice someone aggressive, you can pull your car and call the police. That way you are ensuring that reckless behavior won’t affect other drivers as well. On the other hand, if another driver’s aggressive behavior is a cause of your injuries, talking action quickly with the help of the lawyer is strongly recommended.

Determining Who is the fault for a Car Accident

People who operate vehicles must exercise “Reasonable care under the circumstances.” Failure to use reasonable care is considered negligence by the law. As for the other types of accidents, the driver at fault in a traffic accident is the one who was negligent. The court determines many factors in determining negligence, such as: Failing to signal while turning, disobeying traffic signs or signals, driving above or below the posted speed limit or disregarding weather or traffic condition.

Common Injuries

There are many injuries from minor to sever including Spinal Cord Damage, Whiplash, Broken Bones, Chronic Pain, etc. For many car accident victims in Arizona, the requirement to address their medical treatments often extend well into the future and can be expensive for a victim who was not at fault for an accident. This is why Schenk Podolsky Attorney at law have a perfect understanding of personal injury law and helps them to pursue personal injury claims.