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Your Right to Compensation After Bicycle Accident

Riding a bike is fantastic like any outdoor activity these days. It’s becoming an essential type of workout in the days of non-stop stress. The job is taking a lot of time for an average American citizen. Even in these excellent outdoor activities, there is a chance to become a participant in some accident. You should always… Read more

Liability Car Insurance Requirements by State

Liability Car Insurance Arizona The state of Arizona has a unique condition regarding the legal requirements. The driver must have financial responsibility for damages that may occur during the accident. One of two forms needed is proof of liability insurance or Certificate of deposit of  $40,000 assigned to the Office of the Arizona State Treasurer. This proof is required… Read more

A Parent’s Guide to Insurance for Teen Drivers

“Putting your teen in a big, boring vehicle is going to be a lot easier on the wallet than giving them the zippy small car they may want,” says Russ Rader, spokesperson for the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). So, adding a teenage driver to your car insurance bundle will raise your rates, but… Read more

Claims for Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Sexual harassment at work is a severe violation and consider one of the most challenging charges an employer can face. General information These are some of the basic guidelines. Any employer who is faced with some harassment problem should consult with the attorney about the possible charges. If you need consultation, please click here. Sexual… Read more

Environmental Injury Claim in Arizona

As the result of exposure to a substance or other hazard in your environment, you can file a personal injury claim if you suffered an injury. The hazards that can result in personal injury can be found in many locations under this form of civil litigation. For the civil law, your environment can include your person,… Read more

Brain Injury as a Result of Negligent Actions

Traumatic Brain Injuries are responsible for almost third of all injury deaths in the United States. Statistically, around 2.5 million hospitals visits were subdued during 2010 by this injury alone. This life-threatening condition may result from a penetrating brain injury, the severe blow to the head, or even medical negligence. The qualified injury attorney can… Read more

Types of Damages to Seek in Car Accident

Which damage to claim in a car accident? These are the types of damages you may pursue in a personal injury lawsuit if you sustained car accident injuries. Medical expenses are top priorities in these claims. You may also claim damages for pain and suffering, loss of affection(lost of consortium) and damages for lost wages… Read more

Computer Fraud and Abuse Act

Unauthorized Computer Access The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) (18 U. S. C. § 1030) is a federal statute that mainly protects against unauthorized computer access such as hacking. This act can also impact enthusiasts in the domain of social media. Initially enacted in 1984, CFAA makes it unlawful to access knowingly or intentionally… Read more

Most Dangerous Intersections in Arizona

Arizona Risk Crossroads Traffic Collisions in Arizona have been on the rise for five straight years, with intersections being especially dangerous. Near 25 percent of traffic fatalities and 50 percent of the collision, injuries happen in these dangerous intersections.  These intersections require that driver, pedestrian, and cyclists all be vigilant to avoid causing an accident. Federal Highway Safety… Read more

Avoiding Car Accidents

Use Reasonable Care  Operating all type of vehicles, the driver must exercise “Reasonable care under the circumstances.” Failure to use reasonable care is considered negligence. The law of negligence usually governs legal claims from motor vehicle accidents. As with other types of accidents, usually, it’s the driver who was negligent and considered at fault in a traffic… Read more