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I Just Got Into an Accident With No Insurance!

Although you are required to show financial responsibility when registering a vehicle with the Arizona MVD, there are many circumstances where you may have a lapse in coverage. If you got involved in an accident during one of the gaps in coverage or don’t have insurance for some other reason, you can find yourself in… Read more

Mesa's Most Dangerous Crosswalks

Over a recent five-year period, an average of 144 pedestrians per year were killed in Arizona. The state’s pedestrian danger index is nearly double the national average. Most of the time, injuries occur as a result of drivers failing to pay attention to their surroundings. While drivers are paying attention to the potential dangers presented… Read more

Favorite Mesa Breakfast Restaurants

Favorite Mesa Breakfast Restaurants Looking for a great new breakfast spot to take the family this weekend? With our personal injury law firm in Mesa we eat out for breakfast a lot and we’ve got you covered. Here are some great breakfast places right here in Mesa that’s got something for everyone: Crackers & Co… Read more

Do's and Don't of Driving in Arizona

The metro Phoenix area has been one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas for a while now, which means that there’s now four and a half million of us trying to get around the valley throughout the day. This can and does lead to traffic problems, especially in some specific areas. It seems like we’re… Read more

Best Legal Apps

These days, you can find and download apps for just about any purpose, even if that purpose is to completely waste a few minutes. There are also several apps available to help with legal matters, even if you’re not a legal professional. Here’s some of the best new releases, many of which are free.  … Read more

Should you Take Legal Action? Call Today for a Free Consultation

Have you suffered a physical injury or financial loss as a result of someone else’s actions? If the answer is yes, give us a call now! There are many instances when taking someone to court can be an appropriate action, such as when you’ve sustained a personal injury, have dealt with a breach of contract,… Read more

What to Do if You’ve Dealt with Medical Negligence

An injury or severe illness is taxing enough on both patients and their loved ones. The situation can be made worse when a health care provider does something or fails to do something that causes more harm to you. Medical negligence occurs when the treatment you received falls below the accepted standard of practice in… Read more

What is Diminished Value? FAQs

If you’ve been in a car accident, you know how difficult it can be to protect yourself financially, especially while your heart’s still racing. Along with any emergency medical needs, police reports and dealings with insurance companies, an accident affects you in another important way, especially when you want to sell or trade your vehicle… Read more

How does an Accident Affect my Car Value?

It’s common knowledge that cars depreciate in value over time, and if you buy a brand new vehicle, the simple act of driving it away from the dealership decreases its resale value. What you may not know is that in the event your vehicle is involved in an accident, the resale value of your car… Read more