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What to Do if You’ve Dealt with Medical Negligence

An injury or severe illness is taxing enough on both patients and their loved ones. The situation can be made worse when a health care provider does something or fails to do something that causes more harm to you. Medical negligence occurs when the treatment you received falls below the accepted standard of practice in… Read more

What is Diminished Value? FAQs

If you’ve been in a car accident, you know how difficult it can be to protect yourself financially, especially while your heart’s still racing. Along with any emergency medical needs, police reports and dealings with insurance companies, an accident affects you in another important way, especially when you want to sell or trade your vehicle… Read more

How does an Accident Affect my Car Value?

It’s common knowledge that cars depreciate in value over time, and if you buy a brand new vehicle, the simple act of driving it away from the dealership decreases its resale value. What you may not know is that in the event your vehicle is involved in an accident, the resale value of your car… Read more

How Can Product Recalls Affect you?

With the billions of items produced every year, every now and then, a defective, unsafe or poorly designed product makes its way to the public, and the manufacturer must issue a recall. It’s important to know when a product in your home, car or refrigerator has been recalled and also what to do when you… Read more

Getting Rear-Ended in a Car Accident

One of the most startling and frustrating motor vehicle accidents to happen is being rear-ended in a car accident. However, it may not come as any surprise that rear-end collisions are actually the most frequent type of crash here in Arizona. In fact, there were approximately 40,600 rear-end collisions in 2013 alone, which made up almost 46% of… Read more

Protecting Children From Toy Choking Hazards

One of the most frightening realizations as a parent is that your children’s toys could potentially harm them. Choking hazards are virtually everywhere when it comes to products geared toward young audiences. How can you keep your child protected? The simple answer is remaining vigilant. Very young children like toddlers have a certain knack for… Read more

Dog Bites in Arizona

Imagine your child is playing in the front yard, only 10 feet away. The sun is shining as you tend to your garden on an otherwise perfect day. In the blink of an eye, a dog, racing down the street, lunges toward your child. It isn’t the type of horror story that happens exclusively in… Read more

Valley Residents Assessing Storm Damages

The Valley had never seen anything like it – torrential rainfall measuring nearly 5 inches in the span of a few hours. Parts of the Southwest became swamplands from this storm that shattered all previous rainfall records dating back to 1895. Residents are still addressing the damage left from remnants of a Pacific Ocean hurricane,… Read more