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Computer Fraud and Abuse Act

Unauthorized Computer Access The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) (18 U. S. C. § 1030) is a federal statute that mainly protects against unauthorized computer access such as hacking. This act can also impact enthusiasts in the domain of social media. Initially enacted in 1984, CFAA makes it unlawful to access knowingly or intentionally… Read more

Most Dangerous Intersections in Arizona

Arizona Risk Crossroads Traffic Collisions in Arizona have been on the rise for five straight years, with intersections being especially dangerous. Near 25 percent of traffic fatalities and 50 percent of the collision, injuries happen in these dangerous intersections.  These intersections require that driver, pedestrian, and cyclists all be vigilant to avoid causing an accident. Federal Highway Safety… Read more

Avoiding Car Accidents

Use Reasonable Care  Operating all type of vehicles, the driver must exercise “Reasonable care under the circumstances.” Failure to use reasonable care is considered negligence. The law of negligence usually governs legal claims from motor vehicle accidents. As with other types of accidents, usually, it’s the driver who was negligent and considered at fault in a traffic… Read more

When Can you Pursue a Claim for a Arizona Bicycle Accident?

Bicycle Accidents In Arizona Rising fuel costs in the capitalist era have made bicycles more popular than ever. Also, the rise of eco-consciousness has brought more popularity to bike as transporting vehicle. But increasing number of bikes means an increasing number of accidents- and they often lead to disfigurement, injury, and death. Bicycle accidents take… Read more

What’s Premises Liability Insurance?

Premises Liability Premises liability is the legal principle in which accidents on some property hold owners of that property as mainly responsible at some level. This principle also stands for premises that can occur. Premises liability impacts businesses that own business property and hold them legally responsible for the safety of guests to that property. There… Read more

Ways to Fight Driver Fatigue

A road trip, driving to your job or coming home from an exhausting day can be a daily activity where you find yourself in a position where you need to keep your eyes on the road while protecting others by following the driving rules.  Here are some tips that can help you regarding drivers fatigue… Read more

Texting and Driving What Do You Need to Know?

Texting and Driving in Arizona Three-quarters of the driver have seen other drivers texting or talking on cellphone according to the survey reported in Nationwide 2009. Four out of five cellphone owner admit they are using the cell phone while driving. People can’t concentrate on two things simultaneously because our brain has a cognitive load, which… Read more

Arizona’s School Bus Laws: What Should You Know?

Safety Procedures in Arizona There is nothing more important than protecting the children safe.  There are laws that can help with safety procedures and Arizona has become one of that places. After Elizabeth Bates was killed by a truck as she exited her school bus in 2008, there is a new safety law: HB 2170(School bus… Read more

Important Legal Tips For Arizona Car Accident Victims

Car Accident Victims A driver has one responsibility, and that is watching the road in front of them. Making phone calls, eating, texting, or updating GPS can be very dangerous while driving. If the Distracted driver has caused the incident, the driver may be held liable-  or legally responsible. It can cause physical as emotional… Read more

Common Injuries To Nursing Home Neglect

Nursing Home Neglect When it comes to our elderly loved ones, we try to do as much as possible for them and that includes keeping them safe. So, if the time comes where your loved ones may need to be placed in a nursing home due to the level of care needed, the last thing… Read more