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What To Do After A Truck Accident?

What To Do After A Truck Accident?     When involved in an accident that involves a large commercial truck or another large industrial vehicle, it can be a horrific experience for everyone involved, no doubt about it. The victim struck by the large commercial vehicle can be severely injured or killed due to the size… Read more

How To Prove Wrongful Death

A wrongful death claim is based on a statute, that permits a civil lawsuit by the heirs of a person who was killed by another person or entity’s wrongful or negligent act. This article discusses what a plaintiff must need to prove in order to win a wrongful death case based on a defendant’s alleged negligence…. Read more

Claims for Dangerous Childcare Products

Claims for Dangerous Childcare Products     We don’t think about it, but many consumer products aren’t as safe as they may seem. Many products on the market can cause serious harm to unsuspecting users of all ages. And though most items sold come with warning labels to make us aware of any pending dangers,… Read more

Mass Transit Personal Injuries

Mass Transit Personal Injuries     The number one serious cause of injuries and deaths is always going to be transit related. Year after year, the statistics for transit-related casualties rank high, with hundreds affected in the United States along last year. This of course includes all types of mass transportation: taxis, buses, ferries, subways,… Read more

Swimming Pool Liability

Swimming Pool Liability   Pool owners, whether public or private, are prone to face potential liability if a swimmer or visitor is ever injured. Though the owner is not automatically liable for any injury that occurs in or around the pool, it never hurts to know the laws and other factors affecting when liability for… Read more

Social Media’s Evidence Role in Personal Injury Cases

Social Media’s Evidence Role in Personal Injury Cases Social media has changed the way society functions in everyday life; many individuals feel the need to snap that morning picture of their breakfast on Instagram or follow whatever their favorite celebrity is doing on Twitter, but social media has also changed the game for defense lawyers… Read more

When Do Most Pedestrian Accidents Occur?

When Do Most Pedestrian Accidents Occur?   Pedestrian accidents happen across the U.S. every day and the death toll is in the thousands range. Predominantly occurring in urban environments, these accidents have a higher statistic of taking place than in rural areas because of higher impact speeds on rural roads and fewer overall pedestrians. Nine times out of ten,… Read more

What Should You Do If You Slip/Trip and Fall?

What Should You Do If You Slip/Trip and Fall? You never think it will happen to you, but it very well could. More than 300,000 serious injuries are the result of slip and fall accidents just in the United States alone. Even the death statistics for this incident ranks only second to automobile collisions in… Read more

How to make a diminished value claim

How to make a diminished value claim   In the insurance industry, there are three types of diminished value to know about: Immediate diminished value The resale value of the car immediately prior to an accident and value immediately after the accident, prior to repairs. Inherent diminished The difference in the value is between the… Read more

What to Do After a Construction Accident and Injury

What to Do After a Construction Accident and Injury It is not uncommon for employees to sustain injuries at their workplaces. The construction industry is a high hazard one, and the risk of work-related accidents could be higher than in most other careers. Sometimes construction accidents may result in the death of workers. Electrocution, workers getting… Read more