Break checking in Arizona – Is it legal?

March 25, 2022

Break checking in Arizona – Is it legal?

break checking in arizona
You probably noticed other drivers slam on their breaks. This is done most of the time when you want to stop someone from tailgating you. This action is most commonly known and break checking although it could be quite dangerous and not really safe. But is break checking in Arizona legal? Today we will discuss break checking further, see what the potential dangers are and whether it’s legal or not and what happens if a car accident is caused due to this.

Break checking – Both dangerous and illegal

One car shouldn’t follow the car in front of it too closely. That a general rule. It’s always advised to practice the “3 second rule” when you’re on the road and that is considered to be the safe distance between your car and the car in front of you. By not doing so, the driver in front of you might stop all the sudden or even perform and evasive maneuver which can lead to a car accident and a pretty serious one. Now just because someone is tailgating and not practicing the “3 second rule” that doesn’t mean that you should be break checking. In fact, break checking is very dangerous and also illegal. But why some drivers still keep doing this? Break checking is usually done by one driver who wants to send another driver (behind them) a signal that they shouldn’t follow (tailgate) them so closely. Sometimes, break checking is done intentionally in order to deliberately cause a car accident and thus fraud the insurance carriers. Performing break checking and if it’s done intentionally, can be proved and the perpetrator could face serious fines and even reckless driving charges. Accidents caused by checking can cause serious injuries and can also be fatal (depending on many factors of course). Most common injuries sustained from rear-end collision due to break checking involve whiplash, sprained neck, dislocated or even broken bones, brain injuries and so on. In addition to this, break checking can also cause other drivers to perform unsafe evasive maneuvers and putting them and other drivers at risk (entering other lanes, striking other vehicles or objects etc.)

Can you prove what really happened?

If you or your loved one were a car accident and sustained injuries because someone was break checking, you or your loved one could be entitled to compensation. But how to prove it? In most cases, the driver who rear-ended another ca is usually at fault for causing the accident. But, if the injured driver can prove that the vehicle in front was driving recklessly, which in the end caused the accident, then the injured could be eligible for compensation. There are many different ways you can prove that someone was performing break checking:
  • Dashcam footage – if your car is equipped with a dashcam
  • Eyewitness statements – if other passengers saw the accident happen
  • Video surveillance – If the homes or businesses nearby have video surveillance
Once the accident happens, make sure to contact 911 and wait for them to come to the scene. Inform them of what happened. Additionally, you should also contact and consult a skilled car accident lawyer who has previous experience with cases that involve checking. He will know how to best represent your interests and get you the compensation you’re owed.