Can a Police Report Help Prove Liability After an Accident in Mesa?

September 30, 2022

Can a Police Report Help Prove Liability After an Accident in Mesa?

The common question our team at Schenk Podolsky Attorneys at Law gets asked is if a police report can help prove liability in Mesa can often confuse a lot of people after a wreck. Commonly people believe that having a police report that proves fault should be able to be used to prove liability after an accident. In Arizona, you should be sure to always contact law enforcement after a collision or any wreck for that matter. The claim can be used to help your attorney fight your case and a police report can help prove liability in Mesa. At Schenk Podolsky, we are all about using police proof to help you fight your case. We have a plethora of great attorneys ready to fight for you. We will show you the value of police reports and will explain how they can greatly aid you in your case. We will figure out a way to get what you’re owed without any money leaving your pockets.

The purpose of calling the local Arizona police is not only to make sure everybody is safe, even though that is a very important part of it they also have another objective when they are dispatched to a crash scene which is filing a police report to help prove liability in Mesa. Here at Schenk Podolsky in Mesa, we want to inform you that they are also there to be a third-party narrative in the case. They are filing a police report in Mesa to see what may have caused the crash and observing who the possible person is at fault. This is the other important part of their job when they are dispatched on the scene and can be very beneficial for the person who intends to file a police report can help prove liability in Mesa. When completing a report they will also include several factors that may have been the cause of the crash. Things like weather conditions, visibility issues, the state of the road, and driver impairment. They will also look into whether or not either of the drivers was speeding before the collision happen because that could be a direct cause of why the crash happened in the first place.


The Purpose of Filing a Police Report in Mesa 

After a car accident has occurred in Arizona, when a police report is being filed in Mesa it may also note some traffic citations that may have occurred. Filing a police report in Mesa will help prove liability in Mesa following a car accident and will let the attorneys know what they can use to help fight for you. They will write down if anyone in the crash was given a citation or was driving negligently during the time of the crash. Things like speeding, driving through a red light, improperly passing, following too close, texting and driving, and many other possible citations can be used as fuel in your case.

When filing a police report in Mesa they will also make note of the damage that occurred because of the crash. They want to carefully inspect the car so they can be sure not to miss anything and may ask you questions if your car had already had some previous damage before the crash took place. You want to be honest and tell them everything they need to know. This can sometimes help to prove liability for a crash. In some cases, liability is clear in a two-vehicle crash because one vehicle has damage to its front end and the other has damage to its back end. Unless it was another form of an accident like a T-bone situation. The location of the damage can often indicate what the drivers were doing before the crash took place and can aid in proving liability. If the damage is severe, it can indicate that the other driver wasn’t paying attention or they were showing negligence while driving. If they weren’t paying attention they may have crashed into the other vehicle without slowing down at all.

Injuries can play a big factor in a car insurance claim when a police report has been filed to help prove liability in Mesa. They may often state that your injuries were not directly caused by the crash and may try to fight you on it. In this battle, everything is on the table so they may try to attack you directly and say that you are just looking for money and that you aren’t telling the truth. Don’t let this get to you because you have some amazing attorneys on your side here at Schenk Podolsky and we will ensure that your story is told and recognized as the truth. The police report in Mesa will also play a big factor in this because they will note injuries that occurred on the scene and be sure to send it in so that they are able to be used and not construed in the case. This will also help prove that your injuries did not happen before the crash but during the crash. This will help fight back against the insurance who may say that you are just in it for the money.

If you have any questions or concerns about a police report helping prove liability in Mesa, please reach out to our Schenk Podolsky Attorneys at Law team here in Mesa today. We are more than happy to inform you of what you need to know and we want to be sure that you are ready for all situations. However, police reports are only half of the battle and there are other pieces of evidence your lawyer will need to know for the case. That is why it is important to have a good team of attorneys fighting for you when you go up against a case like this. Here at Schenk Podolsky in Mesa, we can help validate your claim and ensure that you get what you are owed. If you are concerned and need help, schedule a consultation with us and we can ensure you get your compensation. We will talk with you and understand your situation because we care about you and want to make sure everything goes how it is supposed to.