Can I Recover Compensation For A Sun Glare Accident in Mesa?

September 2, 2022

Can I Recover Compensation For A Sun Glare Accident in Mesa?

Here in Arizona, we know the laws can be a little tricky to understand. Situations like sun glare accidents in Mesa can leave both parties confused and not knowing what the next step is. Thousands of accidents happen a year due to sun glare in Mesa and it makes it hard to see the road and obstacles ahead. The chances are dramatically increased at intersections because you are unable to see the lights. This can cause people to sort of just say “well it looks green” and cause a huge pile-up.

This is something that is unavoidable. Especially on the hot and sunny Arizona days. If you are driving in the direction of the sun, chances are you are going to get sun glare. If you are blinded by sun glare, that doesn’t automatically put your life in danger. The steps you take next are ultimately what decides. There are a couple of safety protocols you can follow to ensure you or anyone else isn’t harmed. In the case that something does go south and you happen to injure someone due to the sun glare you should immediately get in contact with the local Mesa police. Even if it is just a minor wreck, you should always contact the local Arizona police to have a police report filed. Then you want to make sure and call your insurance so that you can fill them in on all the details. They are going to tell you that you may need an attorney. That is where Schenk Podolsky Attorneys at Law in Mesa, Arizona comes into play. 

We offer top-of-the-line attorneys that make sure they do the proper amount of investigation to play cards from every angle. We want to be able to drastically increase your chances of getting compensation even if you have a high fault percentage. Here in Arizona, we have the tort rule, also known as the “At Fault” rule. This means for a driver to successfully file a claim they must be able to show who was at fault for them to get money for the wreck. This takes a little bit of investigation and looking into the accident to be able to decide who is at fault. So this may be some downtime for you. Collect your thoughts and try not to panic. Especially if you have our attorneys on your team. You are in great hands and you shouldn’t feel nervous.

Who Is At Fault For A Sun Glare Accident In Mesa?

In Arizona, the driver who is hit with the sun glare still has a high chance of being a liability. There are many circumstances that play a hand in who is truly at fault. Finding out the cause of the crash is the number one priority. It all depends on how the situation could have been avoided and who made the reckless decision. If you knew the sun was blazing into your car and didn’t put down your visor, then most likely you are going to be the reason the accident happened. It was avoidable but you didn’t take the precaution.

What if you are driving down a road in Mesa and you notice the sun is behind you on a two-way lane. A car is coming down the road you notice a little bit of swerving and you aren’t sure why but you take the safe route and either move your car to the side of the road. Or just put as much space between you and them as possible. If they still swerve over and hit you, you are not at fault. You tried your best to put yourself in a safe place but that person couldn’t maintain control over their car.

This is where the “at fault” rule comes into play. If your car is damaged and you and the driver are disagreeing about what happened. Call the police and your car insurance provider. If it can’t be settled between the two people involved. That way they can launch an investigation and get the situation figured out. You won’t know who is at fault until the investigation has been closed and who is found guilty. But you can do yourself a favor and hire a top-notch attorney at Schenk Podolsky and have a trap card in your back pocket. Here we do our best to ensure you come out on top.

How Do I Protect Myself From A Sun Glare Accident in Mesa?

To protect yourself from a sun glare accident in Mesa, there is only so much you can do. But if you do these things it will greatly minimize the chances of you getting into a wreck. However other drivers on the road may still wreck into you if you are not alert and careful. In your car, you have sun visors. You pull these down when you feel the sun is too bright and shining directly into your eyes. That way you can still see the road and obstacles that may lie ahead. There are also glasses specifically meant to block out the blinding light of the sun while driving in Mesa, Arizona. You can get yourself a pair of these and never have to worry about getting blinded by the sun again. We also recommend you drive slow especially if you know the sun is beaming into everyone else’s car as well. 

If you know that the Arizona sun is blazing down like fire falling from the sky you shouldn’t be speeding down the road. If you notice a glare, take things slow so you don’t accidentally put yourself in danger. That way you can focus on the road and be ready for any potential hazards. You want to be sure and fully put all your attention on the road. Take the necessary precautions like putting your visor down to decrease your chances of getting temporarily blinded, because in that split second that is all it takes. One second where you can’t see can cause years of irreversible damage.

If you have any questions on prevention and actions to take when in a sun glare accident in Mesa, we are here to help. Here at Schenk Podolsky, we know the law. We can help you and make sure you get proper compensation. Don’t be afraid to ask other questions about Arizona laws because we can help answer those for you as well. Your safety is at the top of the goal list here in Mesa. Remember to drive safe and beware of sun glare.