Can I Still File A Claim If My Arizona Driver’s License Is Expired?

July 8, 2022

Can I Still File A Claim If My Arizona Driver’s License Is Expired?

A lot of people across Arizona have this common question, and our law firm team at Schenk Podolsky Attorneys at Law completely understand why. Sometimes it can be very confusing looking things up and getting several different answers. But if you are in an accident and you find out before you are going to file that your license is expired, don’t panic. You can still file a claim even if your license has passed its expiration date. You just want to make sure that you get it renewed as quickly as possible afterward.

In Arizona you can file a claim if your license has only been expired for a few months. Any longer than that then you may run into some issues. The way the laws work may actually prevent you from being able to carry out your claim. But luckily Schenk Podolsky can get you informed on the course of action you need to take.

If you happened to be injured during the event of the crash. Make sure you seek medical attention because crashes are so unexpected. Even if you feel you haven’t been injured you should still get checked out to make sure you didn’t get whiplash or some other injuries you just haven’t noticed. 

As soon as you are capable need to call your insurance and let them know what happened. Afterward, take pictures of the damage on your car and theirs so you can have proof that is what happened. You don’t want them to add marks and scratches so they can get more money out of you. Or say you did something that you didn’t. I know you’re thinking why would someone do that? But it happens more often than you think.

After the wreck you want to make it your number one goal to not cause anymore damage to your vehicle. If possible stop driving it until all procedures have been completed and they say you are okay to start driving again. You don’t want them putting damage on your car that wasn’t there during the wreck.

Make sure you get the other person involves information and insurance. So you can fill out all the information needed on the claim. No matter who is at fault you should always file a claim so you can put your side of the story in. At Schenk Podolsky, we offer attorneys that can help you win your cases and have successful claims that way you can get your damages paid for.

Why It Is Important to File A Claim In Arizona?

Depending on your insurance policy. You may have a limited time to file a claim in Arizona due to your expired license. You don’t want to miss the opportunity of getting your money to fix up the damages. Filing a claim gives you money to help pay for the damages that were caused. Let’s say you get into a wreck and you need an attorney.  Schenk Podolsky is the team to call. We can help you negotiate and get you the proper compensation.

Car accidents in Arizona are no joke. Especially if you get into a really bad car accident with an expired license in Arizona.  Filing a claim will give you a layer of protection from false claims and you will have evidence and proof of what all happened. That is why it is usually a good idea to call the police and have them evaluate the situation afterward. If someone gets seriously hurt, always call the police and let them know what happened. The police will evaluate the situation and also ask questions to see what happened. If you aren’t at fault this protects you from false claims as well.

Car accidents can happen at any time on the road. For instance what if you are driving down the road and somebody runs a red light? They crash into you and you break your wrist and fracture a couple of bones and you’re lucky to be alive. But you are smart you have been keeping up with the Arizona laws and you know exactly what to do. You know your license is expired but, you still call anyway.

So you call your insurance and tell them what just happened after checking on the other guy. Then you know there will be legal action and it can be a rough road in Arizona. You look around to find a good hard working attorney and you stumble across Schenk Podolsky. They tell you with the situation you are expecting a high compensation. But on the phone with your insurance, they said something else. That is why you should call an attorney so you can have some foothold to negotiate.

There are many circumstances and situations that can affect the outcome of your case. In Arizona, some laws may affect the compensation from your case. That is why at Schenk Podolsky we are here to help you understand what can happen, and give you the best course of action to take. We are on your side and we are fighting for you. We will do everything in our power to make sure you come out on top. We will do extensive research to see every possible outcome. Then give you a possible price or return on the damages. We will tell you if you are going to have to pay out of pocket or if your insurance will cover the expenses. We will also let you know if you will be getting money for the accident.

If you have any questions or concerns about the events that have taken place, or you just want to inform yourself about the correct course of action. Schenk Podolsky offers free consultations and we are available to talk to answer your questions. We want to make sure you are properly educated on the steps you must take so that you can come out on top.