Don’t ignore your car’s diminished value after an accident

Even though being in a car accident is scary and devastating, but the accident itself is rarely the end of the story. After a car accident you will most likely be overwhelmed with phone calls from insurance agencies and the police which certainly adds a bit more stress to the whole situation of losing your […]

Car Accident No Ticket Issued

A common question we see here at Schenk Podolsky is, “I was in a car accident, but no ticket was issued?” Not only is this a popular question but it’s also a very common occurrence. Here’s what typically happens. The accident occurs and the officer shows up to the scene. After making sure everyone is […]

How to Recover the Diminished Value of Your Vehicle After a Crash

Imagine that you are sitting in your vehicle waiting for a traffic light to turn green when all of a sudden you feel the abrupt and unexpected crunching impact of the vehicle behind you come crashing into the rear bumper and trunk of the brand new 2016 BMW 535i you just drove off the lot.  […]

What Gets Factored into Diminished Value?

When your car gets damaged in an accident it can negatively affect its value. Even if it has been repaired, your accident history can affect how much your car is worth when you decide to sell or refinance it in the future. Diminished value is how much value your car loses after it has been […]