Child Injuries you can Prevent

November 28, 2018

Child Injuries you can Prevent

We hope that our children never have to be a victim to severe injuries or accidents. Unfortunately, negligent individuals, companies, property owners cause thousands of children to suffer fatal injuries each year in the United States.

The most vulnerable population is often taken for granted for the sake of somebody else profit. We shouldn’t neglect proper safety procedures and protocols. Parents shouldn’t have to fear for their child’s safety wherever they might be (school, roadways, hospitals, another’s personal property).

If something unthinkable happens to your child, you need a personal injury lawyer with the legal resources and experienced team to handle your case. Our team will represent you and your family and fight for the compensation you deserve.  Our legal professionals will take immediate actions on your case.

Common causes of child Injuries

Parents have a huge responsibility and an innate sense to protect their children. There are a variety of unique dangers that can cause sudden death or injury of a child. Some common causes of injuries include:

  •    Child automobile accidents
  •    Child bicycle accidents
  •    School bus accidents
  •    Teen driving accidents
  •    Vehicle backover injuries
  •    Unsafe or dangerous premises
  •    Dog Bites
  •    Poisoning
  •    Window falls
  •    Daycare injuries and abuse
  •    School and playground injuries
  •    Medical malpractice
  •    Congenital disabilities
  •    SSRIs
  •    Pregnancy and birth injuries
  •    Infant clinical trials
  •    Pharmaceutical drug recalls
  •    Choking and strangulation
  •    Defective or unsafe toys
  •    Sports-related injuries
  •    Child abuse
  •    Physical abuse
  •    Sexual abuse
  •    Psychological abuse
  •    Crib-related injuries
  •    Broken car seats
  •    Drowning accidents
  •    Boating accidents
  •    Swimming pool accidents
  •    Amusement park accidents

Child Injury statistics

Twenty-five children died each day from accidental injuries. Estimated 8,7 million children were treated at an emergency department for an accidental injury in 2011. More than 225,000 children require hospitalization each year due to an accidental injury. Leading causes of accidental child injuries are falls, cut, struck by an object, overexertion, etc.

Accidents you can prevent

You can’t stop other driver hitting you, but you can minimize the possibility of a crash when you fasten your seatbelts. Car seats and booster seats save lives.


Infant suffocation can be a nursery nightmare.  Always remember, parents ABCs: have infants sleep Alone, on their Backs, in their Cribs (or a secure surface area like a bassinet or playpen).


Optimal prevention here is making sure that your child learns to swim in a professional class with an approved life vest. Of course, there’s no substitute for a watchful eye.


Safe Kids Worldwide recently released a research report identifying new insights into why kids are getting into medicine nearly 500,000 times per year, and the overwhelming cause is negligence on behalf of adults

Make sure you lock anything dangerous out of kids reach- and if you have a babysitter, make sure she does the same.

Fire and burns

Install smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. Yes, sometimes you forgot to change the batteries. Set remainder on your phone if you have an infant in the house. It’s essential to have at least two ways out in your escape plan from your home in the case of fire. This may sound too much, but it’s important to plan.