Claims for Dangerous Childcare Products

January 23, 2018

Claims for Dangerous Childcare Products

Claims for Dangerous Childcare Products


  We don’t think about it, but many consumer products aren’t as safe as they may seem. Many products on the market can cause serious harm to unsuspecting users of all ages. And though most items sold come with warning labels to make us aware of any pending dangers, defective products are a wild card. This can be even more horrifying when one’s own child is the victim. Parents can have no way of knowing, but the most recent childcare product they purchased can lead to some of the most common causes of injury from lead paint poisoning, age-inappropriate, defective, or items that are choking hazard.

  And most child caretakers have no way of knowing their child is in danger from these products until it’s too late. Products are only recalled when a child has already been injured. It’s the manufacturers responsibility to their consumers to place safe products into the stream of commerce. When a child (or user of any age) is injured due to a dangerous product, you need to take action against the manufacturer and hold them liable for injuries caused by their defective products. Because if the design or manufacturing of the product is defective, the product was a danger to any consumer after it left the manufacturer’s possession.

  To make a case, a consumer would need to prove that their childcare product had either a manufacturing or design defect. No amount of care a manufacturer put into their manufacturing or design of a product can distance them from the negligence; if it’s faulty, they’re still held to strict liability standards. This falls under a negligence theory and the manufacturer owes the consumers it hurts some sort of peace of mind

  If this has happened to you or your loved ones, be sure to file your claim within four years of the incident. Having a trusted attorney who specializes in these claims will help fight for you and what you deserve. Taking legal action will not only give you what the manufacturers owe you but also the safety they must provide for the rest of their consumers.