Common Injuries From An Unexpected Car Accident While On Vacation In Arizona

July 15, 2022

Common Injuries From An Unexpected Car Accident While On Vacation In Arizona

If you were driving on neighborhood/main roads or on the freeway, always make sure you are keeping your distance from other drivers especially ones who are driving aggressively. Whether you are involved in a drunk driving accident, Uber/taxi accident, low-speed accident, head-on collision accident, or a rear-end car accident in Arizona, these car accidents can all happen unexpectedly while on vacation in Arizona. Most of the time we aren’t always prepared for the worst, but it’s okay Schenk Podolsky Attorneys at Law are here to help make sure your case gets handled smoothly and correctly. There are a few different scenarios when an unexpected car accident while on vacation happens in Arizona.

Drunk Driving Accidents can be one of the most serious accidents, especially if the other person in another vehicle has been killed in a car accident in Arizona. There can serious consequences especially if you are drinking and driving and/or under the age of drinking. No one should ever drink and drive as it can slow down your reaction time and unexpectedly cause a car accident when driving along the roadways with other drivers.

Uber, Lyft, and Taxi Accidents are typically used by tourists who are on vacation in Arizona. If you were the passenger in a vehicle with a driver you’re hired, there are different scenarios that could happen. One is you were distracting the driver in Uber, Lyft, or taxi. Or the driver was all at fault for their mistakes, which all evidence will be reviewed between Schenk Podolsky Attorneys, car insurance companies, and court. 

Low-Speed Impacts can occur if you or another driver is driving less than 10 mph and the rest of the flow of traffic is driving 25 and up on the roadways. This may cause soreness from whiplash and other minor injuries. You also should always go get checked out by a doctor to make sure there aren’t any other injuries you aren’t aware of that could possibly show up down the road. 

Head-On Collisions can cause serious injuries from suffering from frontal collisions in Arizona. Typically if someone is going high speed or didn’t slow down their speed in time, you can suffer from broken ribs, whiplash, bruising/strain, and major injuries to the head. The victim most likely will need to go to the hospital to get checked out by a doctor to receive medical treatment. 

Rear-End Accidents could often happen when someone is texting and talking on their cellphone and distracted while driving in Arizona. Unexpected car accidents while on vacation in Arizona can usually happen when either you or the other driver was distracted while driving. If you need to send a text or make a phone call, we highly suggest you pull over to a safe area to do so.

Recovering from certain injuries from an unexpected car accident in Mesa can be a long painful recovery process that you should never have to go through. If you were involved in one of the incidents unexpectedly while on vacation in Arizona, and you are looking for an attorney to see how they can help your case, give our office at Schenk Podolsky Attorneys at Law a call today! Our attorneys will give you legal advice and support to make sure you are getting the compensation you deserve from an unexpected car accident that caused injuries in Mesa. 

Filing a Personal Injury Claim in Arizona When Not An Arizona Resident 

You can still file a claim for your unexpected car accident that caused injury case whether you are or you aren’t a resident of Arizona, Schenk Podolsky Attorneys at Law can still handle your unexpected car accident while on vacation in Arizona case. If you wait any longer to not file a police report or get an attorney to handle your car accident while on vacation in Arizona immediately, it can cause some tricky roadways for your case to be compensated for any damages or injuries. Wondering where your case will be handled? Your case will be handled where the unexpected car accident happened while on vacation in Arizona. 

Once your case has been filed within the state of Arizona, especially when the police report has been filed. Your attorney will be allowed to communicate with the other party and their lawyer to work through the case to get it settled. Both attorneys who are representing their clients will individually work through all the paperwork and evidence that was gathered from the unexpected car accident that happened while on vacation in Arizona. 

Auto Insurance With Your Unexpected Car Accident While On Vacation In Arizona 

Other than contacting your attorney, you should contact the auto insurance that you are with if you were driving a rental or your own vehicle. Typically, if you have car insurance you should get rental car insurance if you usually travel often and rent vehicles in Arizona. If you have any questions about auto insurance with rental vehicles, you can always chat with an agent at the rental car company or an insurance agent. 

Schenk Podolsky never wants your case to be closed when you’re not getting what you deserve. Your vacation should never be ruined by someone’s faults. With years of experience, you can trust Schenk Podolsky Attorney’s to handle your case so you can get your life back on track from an injury and get the compensation you deserve for all the damages. If you are interested in scheduling a consultation with Schenk Podolsky Attorney’s at Law, please give our office a call today to see how we can help you with your case!