Do’s and Don’t of Driving in Arizona

May 26, 2015

Do’s and Don’t of Driving in Arizona

phoenix-traffic-largeThe metro Phoenix area has been one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas for a while now, which means that there’s now four and a half million of us trying to get around the valley throughout the day. This can and does lead to traffic problems, especially in some specific areas. It seems like we’re still learning how to be a city. Here are some tips on how to get around safely while still being considerate of each other.


Do change lanes as soon as possible when you see a lane closure in front of you, instead of waiting until the last minute and cramming into the cialishowtobuy line of cars who did merge early.

Do change lanes if you’re behind a bus at an intersection. It’s most likely going to stop for passengers on the other side, leaving you stuck behind it if you don’t get over.

Do let persons entering the freeway merge into your lane if you’re in the right lane. This is one where the golden rule really helps you avoid a fender bender.

Don’t enter an intersection until you see that there’s room for your car on the other side of it.

Don’t text while driving (or Snapchat or Facebook or Instagram). It’s not an official law here in Arizona, but it makes sense (and it is a law in 44 other states; we’re just one of the last to cross the finish line with this one).

Do use a speakerphone or bluetooth device while talking on the phone and driving.

Do check the tread and air pressure in your tires, especially during the summer months. The asphalt temperature reaches almost 160 degrees in the summertime, making the rate of blowouts skyrocket.

Do watch out for bicyclists, especially in the more urban areas. While the roads are being restructured to become more safe for both drivers and bicycles, bicycle injuries and deaths are still a major issue in Arizona.

Do be respectful and courteous of other drivers.

The valley is home to a growing number of people, and two of the most dangerous intersections in the country (7th street and Bell Road, and 19th Avenue and Northern). Be safe and courteous out there and it will help ensure that all of us get home safely at the end of the day.