Driving in Phoenix Traffic

October 17, 2016

Driving in Phoenix Traffic

Traffic in Phoenix AZ

You look at the clock in your car and it reads 7:30am. It’s about that time, but you’re used to this now and that’s why you’ve decided to leave an hour before you are due to the destination. Another day in the life of Phoenix driving. On a daily basis of getting around town most cases you will need to jump onto a freeway, if not connect from freeway to freeway. This can significantly decrease your driving time, and mostly be a positive experience. However, you probably also know the struggle of getting onto the freeway at the right times. With the Phoenix-Mesa metropolitan area offering options for work, school, and housing, you might find it is not uncommon to travel a distance from one to the other.

Phoenix High Traffic Times

   Traffic times can vary depending on which direction you are heading. Safe to say that in the morning you can experience a peak in traffic from 6am-9am and later in the day from 4pm-7pm. For some this can be a time of self reflection and clear head space. You get some time to think, listen to music, or even an audio book while driving. When the time is right, driving is quite the enjoyable task. But, if you get on during traffic times it can be stressful and all too easy to caught up in frustration. A great day can suddenly turn sour when you see the ITS (Intelligent Transportation Signs) and it reads your stop, increased delay. In some cases, if you leave just 5 minutes too early or too late it can have a 20-30 minute impact. If time is not the only factor, lets add how dangerous it can be when people are in a rush, having to switch lanes, and switch on-ramps. You hear babies crying in backseats, many conversations, music, and then the squeal and crunch of a car accident. Now you’re on the I-10 nearing the tunnel, with an accident in the middle of the road, and you know you’re out of luck.

    Now it’s not just about time, and slow speed traffic, but now what occurs will dramatically effect how long you will spend in your car on the freeway. If you have been in an car accident in phoenix before you are familiar that it doesn’t always get taken care of quickly. You take pictures, trade information with the other person and carefully take your vehicles out of the way of other drivers. Getting off of the freeway as a passerby-er will even prove difficult. You can use your blinker on for some time before you can get over, merge lanes, and try re-route. Re-routing is not always an option though and so you stay on the freeway hoping that soon the flow will pick back up and you can be on your way with reasonable speeds. So instead of getting caught in the mix and wanting to pull your hair out, find professionals who are there to help aid in the experience. There are apps you can download to assist in where the traffic delays are happening, and there are websites that narrow down where accidents are, and that can be avoided. Even just sticking to the frontage roads for a few miles when passing a congestion by can be beneficial. If you are choosing between the options of the I-17 and the 51, the 51 is the better option, at pretty much any time.

If you are able to, carpooling is very effective in lessening the amount of cars on the road and has it’s own HOV lane that is under utilized during peak hours of the day. To be a little prepared you can check live traffic online at abc 15 Arizona Luckily over time, and with the fast growing population, more routes with better updated information are becoming available.

If by poor circumstances you become the reason for stopped traffic due to an accident, make sure to give us a call to walk you through the process of ensuring your protected from any damages.