Fireworks safety for 4th of July

June 26, 2020

Fireworks safety for 4th of July

Fourth of July or Independence Day, one of the biggest holidays in the US is just around the corner. As is it for many years now, we can expect the sky to light up with amazing firework displays all over the country.  And even though we at Schenk Podolsky wish that you have a festive time with family and friends, it’s important that you stay safe when handling fireworks in order to avoid getting injured. Before you sit on your lawn chair and ignite those fuses, please keep in mind the following fireworks safety tips:

  • Do not mix alcohol and fireworks. Alcohol Is well know that it impairs our judgment and focus. So make sure that the one responsible for your fireworks display is a sober adult.
  • One at a time – When using fireworks, make sure that you do so one at a time. Savor the moment, enjoy every firework display. It will keep the night sky lid up for a longer period of time.
  • Be aware of the ‘duds’ – Not all fireworks are duds as soon as they go off. So in order to avoid injuries, make sure that you wait at least 20 minutes before soaking the fireworks in water.
  • Be prepared – Make sure that you have a bucket of water or a water hose ready, just in case you need it to put out potential fires.
  • Keep an eye on your children – You might want to let your children handle snapping fireworks. However, keep in mind that even sparkers can cause injuries.
  • Pet are important too – Loud noises and flashes can terrify your pets. They can get frightened and run away. So if you can, keep them indoors until the fireworks are done.
  • Remaining fireworks – Even though it’s highly unlikely that you will be left with some unused fireworks, but in case you do, make sure that you dispose them or store them somewhere safe. Douse them with water and place them in a metal trashcan.

Thousands of burn injuries are treated every year right around the 4thof July. So we hope that these tips will keep you and your family safe during the upcoming festivities.