Following doctor’s orders after an accident

June 12, 2020

Following doctor’s orders after an accident

You can’t really predict when an accident will occur in your life. They are unexpected and can happen in an instant. On the other hand, the recovery Following doctor’s orders after an accidentafter an accident, both physical and financial, can take some time.

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After your accident, it’s important to seek medical attention and follow your doctor’s order for the most optimal recovery.  So here’s a short list of tips on how to follow up and follow medical advices

Complications – After your accident it’s important that during your recovery, you do everything you can to avoid any complications. There’s a really go reason why your doctor gives you specific advice for your recovery period. These advices can be to improve mobility and not lose function in your injured limb, to properly clean and wash your wounds in order to avoid infection, to refrain from some foods and avoid certain drugs while you’re taking other types of medication and so on.

These recommendations and instructions are crucial in order to avoid serious complications that might have huge consequences. Furthermore, they might also help that a minor injury doesn’t turn into a serious problem.

Expert advice – Getting second and third opinions are fine although you should really focus on the opinion that you doctor gives you. After all, doctors are highly trained and educated professionals who dedicate their lives in helping the sick and injured. Doctors as medical experts have a comprehensive knowledge and understand what’s the best wait to treat your injuries in order to achieve maximum recovery.

Adjusting your treatment – When you follow your doctor’s orders and report back, the feedback that you provide is very beneficial because it shows to your doctor whether the treatment plan is working and how effective is it. You feedback provides the necessary information in order for your doctor to adjust the treatment if necessary or even explore entirely different treatment plans. So make sure that you tell your doctor whether you feel discomfort, have certain reaction to medication and so on.

The big picture – The long term goal of your follow-ups with the doctor and rehabilitation sessions is to achieve best long-term outcomes. And even though every injury is unique, patients that don’t follow-up regularly with their doctor or physical therapist, might not achieve the same level of recovery as other people. So make sure that you stick with your follow-up schedule and do your exercises with your physical therapist regularly.

Keeping track – Reports, notes from your doctor or therapist are a result of you following your doctor’s/therapist’s orders. There documents represent a timeline of your recovery, starting from the initial diagnosis, treatment plan and various stages of recovery. When a doctor or therapist reviews your documents, he can see clearly how much progress you made. Furthermore, the documents can also be a valuable source of proof when you decided to file an injury claim.

Insurance company techniques and tactics – WE are all aware that insurance providers would like to pay the victims as little as possible and they will use various arguments to achieve this e.g. advise you not to seek medical attention regularly and to follow up. By doing this, they can later on argument that your injuries weren’t so severe since you didn’t follow up with your doctor, and thus they will minimize your compensation. So instead of listening to the insurance company about your recovery and following up, make sure that you stick with the advice that your doctor and medical professionals gives you.