Handling a Slip and Fall Accident In Mesa

February 3, 2017

Handling a Slip and Fall Accident In Mesa

Handling a Slip and Fall Accident In Mesa

Slip and fall accidents don’t always cause injuries, but those that do are often serious. An incident in a store, restaurant, or other public venue can cause head or brain injuries, serious fractures, burns, or deep lacerations. If your injury requires medical care, knowing how to handle the aftermath will help you protect your legal rights—even if you decide not to take legal action for premises liability later.

Take these steps after any damages on another person’s property, including slip and fall injuries:

1. Don’t Try to Move Immediately.

Often, a person’s first reaction after a fall is to try to get up. Take a moment to evaluate your situation. If you notice any possible injuries, don’t try to move until medical help arrives.

2. Notify the Property Manager or Owner.

File an accident report with the store or inform the property owner about the accident and what happened. Avoid speculating. Simply state the facts.

3. Document the Scene.

If you or someone with you is able, grab a smartphone and take pictures of the scene before any employees mop up a spill or clear the area. Talk to witnesses and ask for contact information. In the event of an insurance or legal dispute, this information may help.

4. Seek Medical Attention.

Call 911 or ask someone to do so if your injury is serious. Regardless of the injury, always seek a medical evaluation after the fact. Some injuries may not manifest immediately but could cause serious, chronic pain and suffering down the road. Inform your medical provider that you were involved in a slip and fall accident, and ask for a copy of all the records. Keep every receipt and record associated with an ambulance ride, transportation for ongoing treatments, prescriptions, and hospitalizations.

5. Use Caution when Speaking with Insurance Representatives.

If you inform a property owner about an incident, he or she will likely file a claim on a property insurance policy. An insurance representative may try to contact you for a statement. You aren’t obligated to give the insurance company a statement, so politely decline to do so until you have an opportunity to speak with a personal injury attorney in Los Angeles. Note: An initial consultation with our personal injury attorney is always free, and our firm accepts cases on a contingency fee basis. You won’t pay any attorney fees unless we obtain compensation for you, so you have nothing to lose if you reach out for guidance.

6. Don’t Share Anything on Social Media.

Social media posts are often admissible in court, and insurance companies will use social media posts to lower or deny claim payouts. If you expect compensation from an insurance company after a slip and fall accident, keep your social media pages in the dark. Ask your network to refrain from posting anything about you.

7. Bonus Tip.

If you witness a slip and fall accident, you may play an important role in helping someone obtain fair compensation to cover losses such as medical expenses and time away from work. Take pictures, offer your contact information, and write down a record of everything you see as soon as possible. Try to avoid making any exaggerated claims to an insurance adjustor, store representative, or an attorney—your words are important.

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