How can we prevent truck accidents

December 11, 2020

How can we prevent truck accidents

prevent truck accidents
Among all the traffic accidents, truck accidents have a high rate of severe and fatal injuries. So it’s best not to get into one. After all, prevention is better than cure. However, even despite all the best intentions out there, truck accidents do happen. So if you or your loved one got injured in a truck accident, truck accident attorneys from Schenk Podolsky can help you hold the negligent driver accountable for your injuries or losses. In order to better understand how truck accidents can be prevented, we need to look at the situation from two sides – from the truck driver’s perspective and car driver’s which mostly get into collisions with them. Truck drivers have to abide the same traffic rules as tractor-trailers do. So taking the necessary stops in order to take a break, slowing down gradually, allowing enough space between them and other vehicles, avoid distractions and so on.

How to prevent truck accidents?

The responsibility in preventing truck accidents doesn’t fall only on the truck drivers. Car drivers also have to do their part in order to minimize the risks in getting into a collision with a truck. Here are a few ways they could avoid getting into an accident with a truck: Car drivers should always (if possible) stay away from the right side of a truck. Just like every vehicle in traffic, trucks also have blind spots. And because they are a lot bigger than your average passenger vehicle, their blind spots are bigger, especially on the right side. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t watch out for the blind spots on the left side. But make sure that you refrain passing a truck on the right side. When you’re on the open road, avoid driving with trucks on both side of your vehicle. By doing this, you are greatly reducing the escape options in case you ever need one. Driving like that, being boxed in, is very dangerous. Unlike passenger cars, truck need a lot more distance in order to come to a full stop. Cutting in front of a truck and they having to stop abruptly very risky. Trucks then don’t have enough time and linear feet to stop and it will end up crashing into you. Trucks need a lot more space to navigate in and out of parking spots. So if you like your car and would like to protect it, make sure you don’t park too close to a truck. Crowding large trucks isn’t recommended since they take up a lot more space than cars do. Furthermore, trucks can’t maneuver as well in tight spaces as cars can so even though a truck driver would do everything in his power to avoid the accident, he might not be able to. Many car drivers can get easily annoyed when a truck pulls in front of them on the highway. So instead of letting the truck pass, vehicle drivers speed up, try going around the truck and get into an accident. Exercise patience. Distractions are a hazard for all drivers, both truck and passenger cars. Avoid texting while driving, even if it’s important and you’re late for an important appointment. Come to a stop, send the text and resume driving. We’ve mentioned earlier that trucks have large blind spots because of their size. When on the motorway, it’s best to assume that the truck driver can’t even see you. So driver with extra caution and give the truck driver a heads up that you’re there. Hopefully these tips will help you avoid getting into traffic accidents with truck drivers. In the event that you do collide with a truck, you will need experienced legal representation in order to get the compensation for your injuries and losses. Contact us today for a consult and let us help you.