Important Legal Tips For Arizona Car Accident Victims

May 7, 2018

Important Legal Tips For Arizona Car Accident Victims

Car Accident Victims

A driver has one responsibility, and that is watching the road in front of them. Making phone calls, eating, texting, or updating GPS can be very dangerous while driving. If the Distracted driver has caused the incident, the driver may be held liable-  or legally responsible. It can cause physical as emotional trauma. In this situations it is essential to know your rights or if anyone from your family or friends experience similar life situations.

Get adequate medical attention

First of all, if the accident occurs, especially if accident renders a victim of cause any other serious injury, seek medical help as soon as possible. They will help with proper medical care and have the wounds treated.

It is crucial that individuals take care of their physical harm and to prevent further injury.  Medicine staff should take documentation of current injuries as well as the damage the other person/persons injured during the crash. If your doctor diagnoses an injury and begins treatment, continue the course of the therapy as pointed. Your doctor is in the best position to determine a treatment for you and to keep doctor’s record of your visits and verify the nature of injuries. This verification is vital due to a later injury claim. You can get your copy of your medical records. Is it said that you were going 45 mph when you were going 25 and vice versa.


The victims should collect as much information about the incident as possible.  Other parties that are involved in the incident should be documented, names and contacts. If there are police officers on the site, you can seek the copies of incident reports. Commonly, there are witnesses information, pictures of the crash site and further documentation from the coalition. Write down what happened. Include every detail of what happened in the accident. Features should include the time of the day, lane you were driving, weather condition, road condition and other information that may contribute to the crash. Pictures are paramount cause they can prove other driver’s negligence.


Report the accident to your insurance company. You can take the settlement offer, but sometimes it is better to talk with the professional. There are compensations for the accidents, and they are determined by the court. It is vital for victims to know what are they seeking damages. Physical injuries, disability, medical treatment, mental distress loss of earning ability, loss of earnings, inconvenience, damage to property, hospitalization expenditure, pain, and suffering.

A car accident attorney can give you legal representation. The critical thing to know is that you can sue other parties as well responsible for the accident.

If your car was smashed by a truck, you could file a suit against both, the driver and the trucking company. Also, if the intersection was poorly designed or constructed, you can seek claims from the state agencies. You can even sue the manufacturers of equipment failing, or construction caused the accident. For negligence, you can sue the third parties like Government agencies and road contractors.