Industrial Accident Questions

November 14, 2018

Industrial Accident Questions

Industrial accidents can cause fatal injuries that can impact your life forever. You can be left with questions and nowhere to turn for answers.

We’ll offer you some reasonable answers to your questions. And don’t worry, you’re not alone.  We will guide you every step of the way. Calling our legal professionals (480) 757-5000 is the first step towards answering your questions with detail.

With industrial accidents, it’s especially important that you or a family member call us as soon as possible. Evidence can quickly disappear quickly from worksites, and a matter of hours could be the difference between having a case or not.

Do I have an Industrial Accident Case?

Working within this industry can be very dangerous, and many men and women put themselves in harm’s way every day. However, if something’s dangerous, that doesn’t mean you aren’t entitled to compensation if you’ve been injured. Some of the most common industrial injuries are:

  •    Falling Injuries
  •    Equipment Failure
  •    Electrocution
  •    Crushing Injuries
  •    Falling Objects
  •    Amputation/Severed Limbs
  •    Trucking Accidents
  •    Fire/Explosion Injuries

These injuries can occur in many different fields:

  •    Construction
  •    Mining
  •    Fracking/Marcellus Shale
  •    Manufacturing
  •    Railway/Riverway Transportation
  •    Farming
  •    Utility Companies

Our legal team will determine if you have a case. When you contact us, the level of details of your accident will be of highly significant to the fact. It will be based on essential details like the extent of the injury, hospitalization, surgery(Or will be needed in the future), permanent damage to your health, who was at fault, what evidence is available and more.

How much is my Industrial Accident Case Worth?

In this type of situation, you are probably wondering “How much is my case worth”? We know that you are worried about your family’s future, as well as your own. We want you to know that we’re here to help you. Stress and mounting medical bills can pile up with no solution in sight. We can help you and get you the money you deserve.

To understand your case  we’il need to know the details :

What are the injuries, do you need surgery,  do you have unpaid medical expenses, are you unable to work, have you lost wages or expect in the future, how long will it take you to recover, how long did it take you to heal, do you have permanent damage, witnesses, etc.

Sometimes it is difficult to understand if you’re having a personal injury claim or worker’s compensation claim. The main difference is the third party claim. Third party claim refers to an injury occurring at a worksite but is the responsibility of someone other than your employer. So it can be a personal injury claim!

With an injury complicating your everyday life, we’re here to put back things back in place. We’ll work towards settling the compensation you deserve. We’ll help you get money for medical bills, hospital stays, lost wages, future or past surgeries, ongoing physical therapy and more.

Hiring a legal counselor can be expensive, and it might look like just another bill when you are already stretched thin. We’re here to help.  Remember, we’re here for you, call us today for a free legal consultation.