Insurance Adjuster Estimate – What if you don’t agree with it?

March 11, 2022

Insurance Adjuster Estimate – What if you don’t agree with it?

insurance adjuster estimate
Every day, a motor vehicle accident occurs in Arizona. In 2020 there were approximately 98 thousand accidents and almost 1000 of them were fatal and over 28 thousand resulted in some form of injury. When you’re in a motor vehicle accident, you will receive an insurance adjuster estimate but you shouldn’t count on it to be fair and to cover all your damages and expenses.

Why do insurance adjusters limit claims?

Each insurance adjuster’s job is to investigate the insurance claim and to determine their value. The adjuster is employed by the insurance provider, and they are doing business for profit. The less they have to pay out in insurance claims, the more profit they make. So it’s important that they pay out as less claims as possible.

Most common tactics used in insurance adjuster estimate

Before insurance adjuster estimate can be provided, the adjuster needs to gather as much evidence and proof as possible. If the car accident was caused by another driver, then the adjuster who works for that driver’s insurance provide, will most likely try to contact you in order to get a recorded statement. The questions he/she will ask you will be formed in such ways that they can easily undermine your claim and present it as less valuable than it really is. The insurance adjuster will try to take the statement as soon as possible while you don’t yet fully know the extent of your injuries or the property damage that you sustained. The good news is that you are under no legal obligation to speak with the adjuster at that time and provide a statement. In fact, we highly advise that you first speak with an experienced car accident lawyer or personal injury lawyer.

Insurance adjuster estimate – what should you do?

Every motor vehicle accident is a traumatic experience and can leave you feeling shocked and stunned. However, you could think in advance on the possible steps you will take if you do get involved in a car accident in Arizona. First and foremost, you need to contact the police and medical service. By calling 911, a police officer will investigate the scene of the accident and create a detailed report on who was involved and what actually happened. Once the police arrive at the scene, they will ask you to provide as much detail as possible on what happened. Answer their questions simply and honestly. If you have any symptoms or injuries,  you should report them even if you think that they are minor. Take photos of the accident site so you could have everything documented. Make sure that you include photos of all the vehicles that were involved in the accidents (if there were more than two), traffic signs or signals and of course your injuries (bruises, visible injuries etc.) If there were any witnesses to the accident, make sure that you gather their contact information. You should also exchange information with the other driver(s) as well such as names, insurance information, phone number etc. And finally, you should speak with an experienced auto accident lawyer. Make sure that you provide them with all the necessary information about the accident so they could have the entire picture and provide the best legal counsel.