Mass Transit Personal Injuries

January 16, 2018

Mass Transit Personal Injuries

Mass Transit Personal Injuries


  The number one serious cause of injuries and deaths is always going to be transit related. Year after year, the statistics for transit-related casualties rank high, with hundreds affected in the United States along last year. This of course includes all types of mass transportation: taxis, buses, ferries, subways, and trains. Each accident case has several factors playing into it, therefore it takes careful delegacy to handle them.

Sure, the state and federal laws regulate most public carriers very closely with laws that hold carriers to a very high obligation of care to their passengers.

These laws force common carriers to take special measures in avoiding injuries to passengers:


  • All entryways and exits are open and safe

  • Security is provided where necessary

  • Qualified personnel operating the vehicles

  • Vehicles are maintained and up to code


  But with millions of average people using them at daily, anything can happen. Think of how many hundreds of people utilize the subway system in New York City alone every day, let alone the bus and taxi systems in that same city? Each citizen places trust in their transit and needs to feel safe. But once an accident happens, all that trust and feeling of safety can be forgotten. This can have lasting effects on someone who’s been in a transit accident, and they need someone to help fight for what is owed to them.

  If you or your loved ones have ever been injured in a mass transit accident, you want to seek an experienced personal injury attorney who will fight to protect your rights and pursue compensation for what you endured. Most mass transit systems are operated by governmental agencies and require special care when taking them to court. You wouldn’t walk into something you’re not prepared for, so why not prepare yourself with an attorney who knows how to save you?