Mesa’s Most Dangerous Crosswalks

June 12, 2015

Mesa’s Most Dangerous Crosswalks

Over a recent five-year period, an average of 144 pedestrians per year were killed in Arizona. The state’s pedestrian danger index is nearly double the national average. Most of the time, injuries occur as a result of drivers failing to pay attention to their surroundings. While drivers are paying attention to the potential dangers presented by oncoming traffic, they often don’t look for the people to whom they present a danger. Here are some alarming statistics involving pedestrian accidents:

  • Most pedestrians were hit by cars when the drivers were making right or left turns across crosswalks.
  • Most Mesa pedestrian accidents occurred within a 2 ½ mile radius of downtown.
  • Alcohol and drugs played a role in about 18 percent of all Mesa pedestrian accidents.
  • The intersection of Southern Avenue and Stapley Drive has been the city’s most dangerous five years running.
  • Of all pedestrian related crashes occurring within Mesa, 59.8% occurred on or west of Gilbert Road,
  • University Drive had the highest overall crash frequency at 13 crashes, Country Club Drive had 12, and Main Street had 11.
  • Pedestrian crashes occurring within a 2‐1/2 mile radius of downtown Mesa account for 43.1% of all pedestrian crashes

Because we live in a metropolitan area that has seen unprecedented growth in recent years, we have challenges when it comes to managing traffic. Many older streets and intersections were built to handle the traffic that was there 20 years ago. Today’s population is much larger and although intersections are gradually being rebuilt to accommodate the much higher traffic, inattentive drivers still present a danger.

Pedestrian accidents can result in a wide range of injuries, varying from minor to permanently disabling or even fatal. If you or a family member has been involved in a pedestrian accident, Schenk & Podolsky can help, starting with a free consultation.