Most Dangerous Intersections in Arizona

June 26, 2018

Most Dangerous Intersections in Arizona

Arizona Risk Crossroads

Traffic Collisions in Arizona have been on the rise for five straight years, with intersections being especially dangerous. Near 25 percent of traffic fatalities and 50 percent of the collision, injuries happen in these dangerous intersections.  These intersections require that driver, pedestrian, and cyclists all be vigilant to avoid causing an accident. Federal Highway Safety Administration calls them “Planned points of conflict.”

In ranking-risk crossroads in Arizona, Pheonix is home to half of the most dangerous ones. Many places in Arizona can be risky due to overpopulated areas making a driving hectic.

67TH Avenue and MCDOWELL Road, Pheonix

During rush hours, this route is popular with drivers trying to stay off the interstate. Plenty of residents adds up to the general chaos out there. Rear-end collisions are frequent, as are left-turn crashes.  in 2015, there were around estimated 60,468 people traveling this road.

67TH Avenue and Indian School Road, Pheonix

This place features many apartments and private houses. Most accidents occur in this place, and the older people cause it through statistics.  A National Highway Traffic Safety Association study said that 50 percent of crashes happen within five miles of home. Around 70 percent occurred within the ten miles. Daily traffic for this intersection saw nearly 70,000 motorists per day in 2013.

 1-17 and Happy Valley Road, Mesa

The 1-17 is one of the deadliest roadways in the state of Arizona, including the roundabout intersection at Happy Valley Road. The Happy Valley Road intersection is just prone as the rest of the road. 

Scottsdale  Roundabout

Are roundabouts safer options in Arizona? ADOT has a proposal about diverging diamond interchange to replace the existing roundabouts at the 1-17 and Happy Valley Road. The state has also recommended for a diverging interchange for the South Mountain Freeway in 2019.

In Scottsdale, roundabouts have helped many drivers and becoming more and more popular to control right-of-way traffic reducing collisions in the city. However when drivers and unfamiliar with the roundabout system, they can find themselves in danger of accidents.

They are constructed as a means to control right way vehicle traffic to replace traffic signals. One one hand, according to the City of Scottsdale, statistics show roundabouts reduce collisions in busy intersections in Arizona by 30-20 percent. On the other hand, not all drivers are familiar with the procedures of the roundabouts.

University of Phoenix Campus, Tempe

The University of Pheonix Campus in Tempe is an area with the high amount of yearly accidents resulting in serious injuries or fatalities. The campus has bikers, joggers, walkers, and drivers, which adds to a need for extra precautionary measures. Some of them have been considered by the state of Arizona. Nearly 275,000 people are driving through the city, many of whom are easily distracted college students. Engineers in Pheonix are working hard to improve roadways that have become dangerous for pedestrian and drivers.