No-contact motorcycle accidents

May 14, 2021

No-contact motorcycle accidents

No-contact motorcycle accidents

Based on the report form Arizona Department of Transportation, there were 2,600 motorcycle accidents in Arizona. So we can say that they are quite common. When you hear “motorcycle accident” you most likely think about two (or more) vehicles colliding. However, there are also so-called no-contact motorcycle accidents.

Today, we will focus on describing what are exactly no-contact motorcycle accidents and of course who can be held responsible if that type of accident occurs, for the injuries sustained by the motorcyclist and possible property damages.

What are the most common causes of no-contact motorcycle accidents?

When we speak about no-contact motorcycle accidents, we speak about situations where a motorist on the road causes a motorcyclist to crash BUT WITHOUT coming into physical contact with the motorcyclist. Now you might know this, but no-contact accidents can occur not just between a motorcyclist and another vehicle. Actually, any type of vehicle can be in a no-contact accident.

But on Arizona roads, motorcyclists are more likely to be in such an accident than other motor vehicles. This is mainly due to the size, shape and passenger capacity of a motorcycle. Because of these factors, the motorcyclist must operate the motorcycle in a specific way so he/she could keep both wheels on the road in a forward motion. Driving a motorcycle is fun, but it’s sometimes less safe than driving a car.

There are many ways a motorist can cause no-contact motorcycle accidents, but the most common are:

  • Not stopping at the red light or at a stop sign
  • Driving too fast
  • Performing lane change in an unsafe manner
  • Tailgating a motorcycle
  • Reckless driving
  • Impaired or distracted driving
  • Not checking blind spots
  • Violating traffic laws etc.

No-contact motorcycle accident scenarios

Based on the list of causes we mentioned above, you can see that there can be many different scenarios on how a no-contact motorcycle accident can occur. But we will focus on the two most common scenarios and examine them thoroughly.

Fist scenario – traffic law violation

Let’s saw that a motor vehicle driver (car in this instance) runs through a stop sign at the same moment a motorcyclist (who has the right of way) passes through. In order to avoid colliding with the car, the motorcyclist will swerve and crash somewhere else. This is considered a no-contact motorcycle accident since the car and motorcycle didn’t crash into each other. Now, even without direct contact, there car driver can be held liable for the incident simply because he/she broke the law by not stopping at the stop sign.

Second scenario – unsafe driving

The second, most common scenario which leads to no-contact motorcycle accidents is when a motorist unsafely changes lanes. It’ very common that drivers change lanes without checking their surroundings, blind spot and don’t even use the turn signal. So when merging without warning, you can cause major problems to other motorists and especially to motorcyclists.

When this happens e.g. you merge into another lane and don’t check your blind spots, you can end up “pushing” the motorcyclist into another lane or even worse, into another vehicle or off the road. In this scenario, there was also no contact between the motorcyclist and the other vehicle (let’s say a car) but the car driver can still be liable for any injury or property damage caused to the motorcyclists, if he crashes.

Get legal help

Proving liability for no-contact motorcycle accidents can be difficult because there is no crash between the injured party (motorcyclist) and the party at-fault (the other driver). But with an experienced attorney at Schenk Podolsky you can rest assured that you will get the legal help you need to protect your rights.