Premises Liability Claim – 6 Common Types

July 16, 2021

Premises Liability Claim – 6 Common Types

most common types of a premises liability claim

It’s the duty of every property owner to ensure that their guests and visitors are safe on their premises. However, some owners fail to do so and that can lead to serious injuries. There are several ways you can sustain an injury on someone else’s property and today we will discus the most common types of premises liability claims.

There are different ways a premises liability claim can arise in Arizona. This list doesn’t include all the possible ways these cases can happen, but only the most common ones. If you won’t find your particular case listed here, make sure to contact our personal injury attorneys and schedule a consultation.

Premises liability claim from slip and fall or trip and fall hazards

Slip and fall accidents are probably the most common types of premises liability accidents that can eventually lead to a premises liability claim. Even though these accidents can occur in many different ways, they are most often caused by spills of food and drinks, loose floor mats or pavement and so on. It’s it the property owner’s duty to make sure that all pedestrian areas are free from any hazards that can cause a slip and fall accident.

Maintenance problems

Every premise has to be subject for regular inspection and if necessary, maintenance as well. The safety of guests and visitors is at stake. In the event that the property owner or building manager is not inspecting the premises regularly and doesn’t maintain it, it can become incredibly dangerous. The manger or owner must make sure that all appliances, lighting fixtures, stairs or displays are secure and safe. In case that there is a safety risk e.g. wet floor, the risk has to be remedied quickly OR a warning sign should be placed so that the guests/visitors can be aware of the danger.

Lack of security as cause for a premises liability claim

Every property has to have some form of security measure but that doesn’t mean that it has to be roving with security guards. Security can be in a form of doors and windows that can be closed and locked properly, check-in and check-out procedures, proper lighting, surveillance etc. So if a property lacks some sort of security measures, and that leads to injuries, the owner/manager can be held liable.

Dog bite accidents

If the property owner has pets e.g a dog, he is obligated to ensure that they don’t pose any danger to the visitors or guests. Especially if the dog is aggressive and has bitten someone before. So the property owner has to put out a sign to warn visitors and to make sure that the dog is securely locked away so that it can’t harm anyone. Otherwise the down owner can be held liable if his dog bites or attacks someone.

Premises liability claim from elevator/escalator injuries

This can be connected to regular maintenance. Since every elevator/escalator has many moving parts, it’s up to the owner/property manager to make sure that they are regularly maintained and that they work properly. As a matter of fact, the state of Arizona requires that elevator/escalators be subject to regular maintenance and inspection in order to ensure their safety.

Hot tubs and swimming pools

If a property has a swimming pool or hut tub, they have to be fenced and have a locked gate around them in order to prevent unauthorized access, especially by children. Furthermore, the area around these facilities, have to be kept safe and hazard-free in order to avoid slip and fall or trip and fall injuries.

Can you seek compensation through a premises liability case?

If you get injured on someone’s property due to the carelessness or negligence of the property owner or property manage, you will most likely be able to receive compensation which can cover your medical bills, loss of income (if you have to be away from work), pain and suffering and more. IF you or your loved one sustained an injury on someone else’s property, make sure to contact our personal injury attorneys and learn what are your legal options.



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