Premises liability – Gated Community

June 5, 2020

Premises liability – Gated Community

Gated communities are a choice for many because of the extra privacy and protection. Since most gated communities have security guards Premises liability – Gated Communityat the entrance, intrusion is difficult, but of course not impossible. When that happens, and someone breaks into your gated community, do you know what are your rights?

Gated communities can also have crimes just as your regular neighborhood. People can break into houses, stole property or even assault someone. However, when a gated community is not able to provide the things it promises i.e. security, then they can be liable.

It’s the gated community’s job to provide and maintain the security they promise to their residents. Which means that they must constantly work on repairing and improving the security measures that should provide said security.

Reduce property liability through maintenance

Gated communities can be liable for any injury or damage which happens because they failed to make necessary repairs and improvements on the security. So for example if the community fails to repair the gate (after it breaks down) in a timely manner and this allows an intruder to break in and cause someone harm, then the gated community could be considered negligent.

Better security

Usually gated communities have a secure gate, a security guard and a patrolling guard. With all these measures, it’s safe to assume that the residents should feel pretty safe. All the staff that is hired by the community should be qualified for that position and must provide the necessary security. The gated community could also be considered negligent if they have poor hiring practices and they hire people that is not qualified enough to provide the security that the community promises.

Lower property liability through security access

Gated community security is further controlled by the gate access. You can see that some gated communities have a security guards at the gate while others have security key pads that allow you to enter the community. Permitting someone to enter the community without properly identifying them, the community could be held reliable for that too, if the person causes any injuries or damage to the community residents.

Local Crime

It’s your gated community’s obligation to warn you about local crime activity. If some of the residents suffer damage or injury and the community fails to warn you about local crime, then they could be held accountable for that as well. If your neighborhood had recently experienced acts of burglary, break-ins, assault etc. then your community is obligated to warn you about those.

If you live in a gated community and you suffered an injury or damage as a result of security issues, contact us today and get familiar with your rights.