Safety Cameras at Intersections

January 27, 2017

Safety Cameras at Intersections

Numerous cities across the country have installed safety cameras at intersections with traffic lights. These units remain quite controversial. Some motorists criticize them as unfair, intrusive devices that were created to boost fine revenue. On the other hand, supporters say that the cameras prevent many deaths and injuries. They accomplish this by discouraging motorists from disobeying traffic lights.

Insightful Statistics

Safety cameras can be found at numerous intersections in Arizona. The State’s government recently issued a yearly report about the consequences of using this equipment. It included data that bolsters arguments in favor of the cameras. The report was based on information about car crashes that occurred between 2012 and 2015.

The total number of accidents went up by one-third during this time period. On the other hand, there was a 3 percent reduction in crashes involving traffic light violations at intersections with safety cameras. In comparison to 2012, 33 percent more bicyclists and pedestrians were killed at U.S. intersections with stop lights during 2015.

On the other hand, about one-fifth fewer cyclists and pedestrians died at Arizona intersections with cameras. The report also supplied details on improvements in specific cities that recently installed these devices.

Analysis and Advice

The above-mentioned data clearly indicates that red-light cameras have a positive impact. They truly protect the lives of motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists. Unfortunately, some drivers don’t take traffic lights seriously unless a camera or police officer is present. There doesn’t appear to be any way to justifiably dispute the findings of this report.

These cameras aren’t really intrusive to anyone who follows the law. No one should disobey traffic lights at any intersection, even if it seems safe. Never drive through a red light or speed up to make it through the intersection while a light remains yellow. People who make these mistakes often become involved in serious accidents with long-lasting consequences.

Many motorists commit traffic violations because they’re hurrying to reach destinations on time. It’s crucial to leave extra time when traveling. Remember that traffic or weather conditions can be worse than expected and cause a trip to take longer than usual. Safety should never be compromised to avoid lateness. It’s always far better to arrive late than to end up in the hospital.

Safe driving practices can usually prevent any problems with traffic light cameras. Nonetheless, police do issue unfair tickets from time to time. Drivers can find helpful information about camera-related traffic citations on the internet. In some parts of the country, it’s possible to dispute tickets and pay fines online.

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